[HOW-TO] Incorporate New Skin Care Products Into Your Routines

This is a problem that I continuously learning. Even though I’ve read tons of articles out there through these years, there will be a time where mishaps will eventually happened because I carelessly avoid the general rules of incorporate new products into my routines. Therefore, after approximately two years of skin care experimenting with a lot of trial and errors, I want to share with you regarding my tips on How To Add New Skin Care Products Into Your Routines!


1.Add ONLY One Product at a Time

This is probably the most important thing that people keep neglecting no matter how obvious it is. I know you are curious and eager to try all of those highly raved skin care products that you recently purchased, but listen, trying a bunch of new products at the same time could be a disaster for your routine. Why, you asked? Here’s the thing, you don’t know if those products work well for your skin. If you change your routine all together at the same time and by the next day you got a fresh pimple; you don’t know which product to blame. Is it that expensive serum’s fault? Or because of this highly raved exfoliating toner? Nope, guessing those endless possibilities won’t do anything good for your skin.

It will be better if you add only one product at a time, see for two to three weeks if it works well for your skin, and then when you finally decided that you already could confirm that the product didn’t to anything harmful to your skin and you feel safe enough, add another new product into your routine.


2. Always stock up those holy grail products on your vanity. Or at least do not finish it entirely before you find the safe replacement for your skin. 

Here’s the thing, because of social media (especially Instagram and Youtube), nowadays people rarely stick into their holy grail products because there will be always new, fresh, and interesting products by the next day that people would rave. Not that it’s entirely bad, however when you are unsure about new addition in your skin care, it will be better if you have a good old product that would work the best for your skin. Just in case that new product would break you out or something.

3. Buy deluxe size samples or minis instead of relying of a few pieces of sachet samples

For me personally, sometimes samples didn’t justify the full power of skin care product. Judging skin care product is not as easy as judging makeup product that could be done just with one small sample. There are quite a lot of product that didn’t impressed me at first, but over the time, it grows on me, and eventually become my favorites — like for example Laneige Sleeping Mask and Biorè Aqua Rich Sunscreen to name a few. It took me until I finished my first tube of Biorè Sunscreen that I realized that it’s one of the best sunscreen that I’ve ever tried.

Therefore, if you really want to buy samples before buy the full size products, I’d suggest you to get deluxe size samples or even a dozen of sachet samples before you decided if it working for you or not.


4. Give it time. Never expect instant result.


Skin care in general need a consistent and continuous use before you see results, hence the existence of skin care routine. Patience is the key in skin care. I know, at first I would get stressed if some products didn’t live up to it promises, especially when expensive product didn’t work out for me. Everyone’s skin is different. Someone’s holy grail product might not work for you. Or maybe it needs time. Just like what I said in point three, for some products and some skin types, it might take a while for a product to work out, so please give it time. It might purge you at the beginning, and it would leave wonderful results. However, if after 3-4 weeks it still break you out, throw it away.


So, yeah that’s everything for my tips on How To Incorporate New Skin Care Products Into Your Routines as for now. They are all based on my personal experience after a couple of years of trial and errors of building my skin care routine. If you have another tips that would be helpful, please do share it in the comment section bellow! 🙂 And if in the future I have another tips, I will make sure to update this list.

Ciao for now! 🙂





7 thoughts on “[HOW-TO] Incorporate New Skin Care Products Into Your Routines

  1. I totally agree! There was this one time when I tried all three new products at once and I got the worse breakout ever the next day. I had trouble finding out which product caused such strong reaction so I stopped using all three altogether and then started using them one by one. Now I know where I went wrong 🙂

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  2. I should have read your post before I used two products at once and now I have no idea what is breaking out my chin. I’ve had to take them both out of my routine and start all over again! 🙂 Such a great idea for a post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, people should take it slow when starting to add new products into their routine 🙂 Thank you for reading, glad that this would be helpful for you ❤


  3. From what kind of products could your skin purge, is it possible for every product or just some? And also recently I tried the huxley glow awakening cream and I got a really bad reaction to it, afterwards I went back to my old safe routine but now I even get reactions to that one. Now a few weeks later I still get allergic reactions no matter what I’m using, I really don’t know what to do anymore to calm down my skin.


    1. For me it’s usually only for some products. Ah, so sad to hear them! 😦 For my skin, it would be calm down directly after I use my old safe routine. However, I heard that a lot of people said that skin care detox would work for them (not applying anything on their skin topically for several days). Different people have different treatment, though. Maybe go to dermatologist would be helpful if you are totally clueless! 😦


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