MASKING WEDNESDAY: To Lift, To Brightens, or to Hydrate?


Hello, everyone! Since my sheet mask reviews are starting to get confusing here, so I decided to make sheet mask series; Masking Wednesday. Therefore starting from today, my sheet mask reviews will be under Masking Wednesday series, and I will rename my previous post to this series even though it wasn’t posted in Wednesday, lol.

So, without further adieu, let’s jump into the review!


1.Dr.Jart+ Dermask Sweet 16

I initially want to bought Dr.Jart’s newer sheet masks, but since by the time I bought it it haven’t hit the shelf yet, I decided to try their older series, and this is the first mask that I tried from them. Though I believe that Dr.Jart is way more famous for their skin care line, weirdly enough I only got to try their primer and BB Cream in the past. Probably because their skin care price is amongst the higher side, and their packaging are so basic for their price, made me prefer to try other brands like Hanyul or SU:M37 rather than their skin care ranges. I would probably ended up trying their Ceramidin Cream someday!

Okay, back to the sheet mask. I was pleasantly surprised that this is a hydrogel mask because I didn’t know anything about this sheet mask line before I bought it. Because I had one of my amazing masking experience with my Japanese hydrogel mask, of course I expected more from this mask. This mask come with a thicker hydrogel rather than the one I’ve tried before, and I have to say that I prefer the thinner one. I feel like the thicker one didn’t absorb the essence as good as the thinner one. As for the essence, I think this Dr.Jart+ Dermask Sweet 16 had decent one, and it hydrates my skin pretty well. However as a whole masking experience, I don’t think that this mask wow-ed me whatsoever. It was just so-so.


2. Wishtrend Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask

I was one of the person whom really curious about the famous OST C20 Vitamin C years ago, thanks to its marketing. But because there are really some pros and cons to that serum and I didn’t even build up my routine yet, I decided not to fall to their marketing ploy :lol:. I noticed that they released the newer serum with the cream and the sheet mask after that, and I haven’t got the time to sample their sheet mask until now. I was surprised that this mask comes with “Wishtrend” label, not under OST, since as far as I know OST is sister brand with COSRX, not with Wishtrend.

After googling here and there, a source from Reddit AB Community said the one that under Wishtrend is Klairs, and, there are some possibility that Wishtrend and OST had some contract/agreement or something, hence the reason why Wishtrend releases the 21.5 version. Don’t hesitate to state something in the comment section bellow if you find that I’m wrong! 🙂

In terms of the sheet mask, I found that this sheet mask is one of the nicest sheet mask that I’ve tried in terms of hydrating and moisturizing. Although that it didn’t way up high with my SK-II experience, but it feels similar to Mediheal sheet mask. A decent, feel-good mask. I personally think that this is the best way to sample the famous OST C20/21.5 However, I don’t see if there are brightening results from the sheet mask.


3. Dr. Jart+ Lift Up Your Face Line

This is the weirdest sheet mask that I’ve tried so far :lol:. I was totally confused that it dried up, no soaking essence like the usual sheet mask. I went up to google and youtube directly to find reviews and I decided that I didn’t have a bad, expired sheet mask. In fact, it is supposed to be dry. Well, o..kay.

So, it is one of those lifting sheet mask that comes with stretchy sheet mask that you need to attached to your ears. I was so intrigued and had mixed feelings during the 15 minutes the time I had this sheet mask on, lol. Because, usually sheet mask supposed to hydrates and moisturized your face no matter what the function on the cover is (brightening, hydrating, etc), and while this sheet mask do what exactly what they are promised, it was just feels really weird because it was dry. :lol:.


4. COSRX Holy Moly Snail Mask

The first time I open this up, I was expecting that the essence would be on the sticky side, like COSRX Snail Mucin Essence, so I was surprised that it comes in thinner essence, the similar consistency to most sheet mask’s essence in the market. This mask have a huge followers on Instagram, but it’s sad to say that this mask didn’t blow me away. It was just okay… I guess. I think this sheet mask have similar level to Mediheal sheet mask, but with an overwhelming amount of essence. Seriously, they just had so many essence that I can spread to my neck, arms, and even legs! Lol. It was a nice hydrating mask, but I found that it takes a while for it to adsorb to my skin.


Phew! That’s all from me this time. Do you have any favorite sheet mask? Do let me know in the comment section bellow! 😉


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