[REVIEW] LAMICA Eyebrow Brush


I have to say that I’m quite proud that the Indonesia local beauty industry grow so well for the last couple of years. New indie beauty brands keep growing and launched their new products with affordable prices. Something that unheard of in the early 2000. Lamica Beauty is one of them. The brand claimed to provide premium makeup brush made from high quality materials that suits best to its function. Designed and crafted from years of experience in makeup industry, each their brushes is carefully selected to fit costumers’ needs.


This is my first brush from Lamica. I ended up choose their Eyebrow Brush instead of other brushes. I’ve learnt my lesson in the past that face brush is not for me, moreover somehow I no longer have spoolie in my vanity, that is why I ended up bought this one, lol. :lol:.

The brush come with pretty and sleek packaging, the brush itself have this metallic pink packaging, something that become Lamica’s signature  — which if I’ve gotta be honest, it reminds me a lot of Real Technique’s Sculpting Set. And I have to say that while the quality of the packaging impressed me, the brush itself is just an okay brush for me.


Why? Well, I personally prefer smaller angled brush for my eyebrow application, because I feel like I can have more control and more precise to apply my eyebrow product. With this wider angled brush, it’s easy to go overboard with my eyebrows, which something that quite a hassle for me.

Since it’s a eyebrow brush, I couldn’t tell if the bristle is super soft or not, but I think it’s a lot stiffer than my other eyebrow brushes. I’m not complaining that it’s a stiff brush, though, since it didn’t bother me as much as the brush’s angled size.


Well overall, I’m still intrigued with this brand. I think I have to try more of their products before I decided to judge if their brushes pleased me or not. Although I’ve been talking that this eyebrow brush is against my personal preference earlier, I still think that this is quite a decent eyebrow brush. And I could understand if anyone love this brush. But as for myself, I think it’s hard to make detail hair strokes with this one and it’s quite tricky for beginner.

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