The Dud List: Eyeliner Edition


I love a good eyeliner. Especially because it’s my daily makeup staple, I’ve encountered a lot of eyeliners through out the year to find the best one for me. And of course, being the totally picky person that I am, not all of eyeliner pleased me. There’s always a ‘meh’ products from time to time. Please don’t be offended if they are working for you, because everyone have different standards; and your dud list might be become something that I love, so, yeah, here’s my list of the bad eyeliner according to me:

1. Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Marker Pen Eyeliner

You know the Kiss Me Heroine Long and Curl Mascara is my holy grail mascara. This was my main reason to try this particular product. If I freaking love their mascara, wouldn’t I love their eyeliner, too? Wrong. First of all, I think I have to mention that I practically despise felt tip eyeliner because usually the applicator is so hard and makes my eyes hurt during the application. Plus, most of the time, when the eyeliner is dryer after a couple of months, it’s super difficult to make crisp strokes with felt tip liner.

And….. I didn’t realize that this eyeliner had felt tip applicator until the time I tried it on to my eyes because the drugstore that I visited run out of the eyeliner samples. The brush is just so harsh for my eyes and the formulation is not that good either. It didn’t have an opaque black finish during the first swipe. If I didn’t set it with powder and/or use eyeshadow base, it will smudges horribly on my oily lids. The eyeliner will transfer on my upper lids, smudges everywhere, ugh just a total disaster.


2. Innisfree Always New Auto Liner in Black

I like my eyeliner to be neat and crisp, that is probably why I never drawn to pencil liners because realistically, it would be hard to achieve that crisp look with pencil liners. Moreover, pencil liner noticeably had shorter longevity than liquid liners according to my past experience. However, the main reason why I got this eyeliner was because I want to tight-line my eyes, which is so impossible for me to use liquid eyeliner on my upper waterline because of my watery eyes. Liquid eyeliner practically just disappear on my waterline area, lol. I was first hesitating to got this one, Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Liner, Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners, or Colour Pop Liners, but after reading reviews here and there, I decided to get this one because it had the least negative reviews plus, it’s probably the most affordable one.

My initial first impression with this eyeliner was quite nice, the application was smooth, the pencil eyeliner didn’t hurt my eyes unlike others, the pigmentation was just on point. This eyeliner had my heart on the first try. However though, after a long day, it transferred to my lower waterline. Although it didn’t smudge everywhere, I was truly disappointed because I expect that this eyeliner to stay put on my upper waterline through out the day, because I looked scary and emo when I had darker liner on my lower waterline, lol. 😆 Moreover, the eyeliner harden quite fast, after few weeks it’s not as smooth and as comfortable as it used to be. Well, that’s the major downside of pencil eyeliners though, because I noticed that almost all of my pencil liners turned out to be that way.


Top to Bottom: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Marker Pen – Innisfree Always New Auto Liner – Wardah EyeXpert Optimum Hi-black Liner

3. Wardah EyeXpert Optimum Hi-black liner

This is one of the most beloved eyeliner in Indonesian local market. It’s just so affordable (just around $4) with super nice formulation and finish. This one had the most intense pigmentation if I’m going to compare it to another eyeliner in this post. Well, yeah, I could see why so many people love this eyeliner so much, and I’m agree when it comes to the formulation and the longevity.

However, though, because I just hate felt tip so much, I couldn’t stand that the applicator would be so harsh on my lids. Nevertheless, I still think that this is a nice waterproof eyeliner, it’s just that I despise the applicator so much. Maybe makeup beginners would prefer this kind of eyeliner because it makes them easier to control the eyeliner, but as a person who loves pen brush eyeliner so much, I just can’t stand stiff felt tip eyeliner.


So, have you tried them before? Do you have the same experience with me? Do you have another eyeliner that you hate? Please do share them bellow because I would love to avoid them in the future, lol. 😆


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