[REVIEW] Real Techniques Sculpting Set


Real Techniques is probably one of my faves when it comes to make up brushes. It’s one of the most affordable in the market, and almost everything that I got come with such high quality brushes, although if I gotta be brutally honest, *cough* I’m not a fan of their Miracle Complexion Sponges. *cough*

But that being said, as far as I was trying a few of their brushes, almost none of them disappointed me. And today, I want to review about the first set that I got from them a while ago, which is the Real Techniques Sculpting Set.


Accentuate favorite features, create defined contours for added depth, or simply enhance your natural bone structure with the Real Techniques Sculpting Set. With the use of light and dark makeup this set gives you the flexibility to take your look to the next level.

Set Includes:
Sculpting Brush: features a wide, angled head specifically designed to help create defined contours using cream and liquid bronzer or contour makeup
Fan Brush: softly sweeps on powders + whisks away any excess makeup for an even finish. Nic’s Tip: Use the brush tips vertically to contour the nose.
Setting Brush: the key to completing any look is with a controlled dusting of powder or highlighter

UltraPlush Bristles
Synthetic Bristles
Easy Clean
Long Lasting
Flawless Results

About the brushes:
Synthetic bristles that are custom-cut, easy to clean, and 100% cruelty-free
Extended aluminum ferrules that are light weight, easy to use, and color coded



I believe that this Real Techniques Sculpting Set supposed to be their limited edition brush, but since it was one of their best selling set, they ended up making it permanent (I think…?) and since I bought it more than a year ago, of course I have their old packaging. However, I think the design of the actual brushes are totally the same, while the only differences maybe the old one had pink metallic brushes, and the new one all have the matte pink packaging. But still, the actual brushes are the same, they are still consist of Sculpting Brush, Setting Brush, and Fan Brush.

I got this brush because of the contour and highlight craze back in 2014. Being the total follower that I am, of course I just had to try that trend, lol. 😆

The thing that I love the most about Real Techniques brushes is that they brush are super soft and blends makeup seamlessly into the skin. It never leave streaks on my face, which is the thing that I totally appreciate, because when you have dry skin, streaks just happens.


I like to use the Sculpting Brush to contour my cheeks and jaw, and if you pinch the brush to make it thinner, you can totally use it to contour your nose, although I’d like to use a different brush to contour my nose. And while you can totally use the Setting Brush if you want to have intense highlight in your cheek bones, I prefer to use Fan Brush to highlight the highest point of my face because it gives me more natural and subtle look, which is the look that I’m aiming for. Therefore, most of the times I just use the setting brush to set my under eye with translucent powder.

So, overall, I think this Real Techniques Sculpting Set is such a nice brush set if you want to dive into the world of contouring and highlighting, or if you just want to expand your brush collection, lol. They are sooo soft, help to blend makeup beautifully, come with a super pretty packaging (it’s pink!), and it’s pretty affordable for a makeup brush set, I think.

Have you tried this set or another Real Techniques brushes? Do let me know in the comment section bellow! 🙂


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