[REVIEW] Brush Spray Cleansers


So, after my lengthy post regarding how to cleanse your brushes, this time around I want to tell you how I clean my brushes in between the “deep cleanse” time by using the practical spray cleansers. 


I think there are literally tons of brush spray cleansers in the market, and they are relatively cheap if you compare it to proper brush cleansers, I love to use this when I’m way to lazy to deep cleanse my brush but I know that it’s way too dirty to be function, lol. 😆 That or the time when I’m feeling a bit experimental with my eye makeup and I want to use more than five eyeshadow colours.

I bought my brush spray cleansers randomly in German drugstore 1,5 years ago (they expired within 2 years, so relax, people :lol:) and to be honest I don’t reach for them quite often because I don’t think that they cleanse my brush properly as the make up stains will still be there even though I sprayed the cleanser multiple times, which is why I tend to use it in between deep cleanse with my favorite PAC Brush Cleanser.


I have two spray cleansers from different brand, from Barbara Hoffmann and Ebelin by DM (German Drugstore Brand). And while I believe the Barbara Hoffmann one is slightly more expensive, I think the Ebelin one works wayyy better in terms of cleansing my brushes. However, the alcohol scent in the Ebelin Spray Blush Cleanser is quite strong; which sometimes it quite bothers me.


In order to use it, you just have to spray the cleansers directly to your brushes, and you literally have to drench the cleanser into your brush if you want to make your brush clean, and then you simply just have to swipe your brush into tissue.


So, overall, I think these spray cleanser are pretty useful if you happened to need to quickly cleanse your brush and/or if you travel often and you practically don’t have the time to properly cleanse your brush with traditional brush cleanser. However I personally think that when you have the time, you have to properly deep cleanse your brush in order to avoid bacteria and cause irritation to your skin in the long term.

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