Rekindle with Old Love: Bourjois Liner Pinceau Eyeliner in Brun Impressionniste


Hello everyone, back with another Rekindle with Old Love Series, The Eyeliner edition. As someone that almost never get out of my house without cat liner for almost five years, obviously I’ve always tried a bunch of eyeliner here and there. And because I prefer my liner to be perfectly crisp and neat, I’ve always lean to liquid eyeliners. There are literally tons of liquid eyeliner in the market, and I have to say that my favorite always been Japanese liquid eyeliners, because of its ease in application, quick drying, not feel heavy on the eyes, the longevity, and the fact that it’s easy to remove Japanese eyeliner despite being a waterproof formula.

However, before I found my true love that is Japanese eyeliner, I have to say that my first love in liquid eyeliner that introduce me to the world of preciseness is this one from Bourjois: The Liner Pinceau Eyeliner.


I think Bourjois probably one of my favorite drugstore makeup, because they are definitely in the affordable side, while I rarely find anything disappointing from their product. And for this particular eyeliner, I think this Brun Impressionniste one is my third bottle of their liquid eyeliners through out the year. I used to only bought black shades from them, but since a year ago, I’ve been wanting to look more au naturale (although I have to admit that it’s hard to look that natural with liquid eyeliner, lol :lol:), and decided to try their brown liquid eyeliner that turned out to be super dark brown on me. It’s so dark that if you’re not put any attention to my makeup you would probably think that it’s a black eyeliner, lol.


The brush applicator on this liquid eyeliner is super tiny that makes it so easy if you want to create a precise eyeliner with this one. It dries down pretty long, though, if I’m going to compare it with Japanese liquid liner, and it does feel heavy on the lids, which I was starting to notice since I got back with this eyeliner after a year full of Japanese liquid liner.

And if you’re not setting this eyeliner with powder or dark eyeshadow, it will smudges if you have oily lids, but once you set it, I found that this liquid eyeliner stays all day long. In terms of removing it, I found that it’s pretty easy to remove it, simply swipe it with Bioderma Sensibio H2O and you’re done.


So, overall, I think this is still one of my favorite affordable drugstore eyeliner. With around $8, Bourjois Liner Pinceau Eyeliner in Brun Impressionniste gives me a crisp and neat eyeliner that stays through out the day, something that I think I would come back to once in a while in the future. 


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