[REVIEW] Lorac Pro Matte Palette

I want to share the palette that I used literally non-stop since the day I got it on my hand: The Lorac Pro Matte Palette!


I think everyone already know that Lorac is one of the brand that have good quality palette, one of the brand that you will look out for if you want to have pigmented colour shadows, buttery, although it’s not exactly the most affordable palette in the market. And it’s been on my wishlist since years ago to try on Lorac’s palette, and I finally bought one for my birthday, yay!


I’ve been wanting to purchase a matte palette as a complimentary to my Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Palette — because, seriously, it only got 2 matte shadows, and the rest of them are glitters and shimmers shade, duh. I’m not saying that it’s a bad palette, it’s just, for me, who rarely play around with eye makeup, it’s hard to have so little options on the matte shade, so yeah.

I initially hesitating to buy this Lorac Pro Matte one, the Too Faced Natural Matte, or the Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Palette, or even bought the Urban Decay Naked Basics one, since those are the brand that I trust when it comes to eyeshadow quality; but after reading reviews here and there, I finally decided to purchase the Lorac Pro Matte.


Pardon my ugly swatches, why is it hard for me to create a proper swatches 😆

It consist of 8 matte shades that totally my kind of colours; because when it comes to eye makeup, these days I lean towards burgundy shade if I want to create a tad smokey look and it’s kinda hard for me to work with bronze, terracotta shade, so I’m totally in love with all of these shades! I literally could work with all of this colour easily for day to day basis, and if I want to use it for formal occasion, I could easily grab my Naked 2 Palette to add shimmer shadows, or simply grab my favorite The Balm’s The Manizer Sisters Palette as a shadow topper.


And as for the texture, it’s simply one of my favorite eyeshadow to date! It’s so buttery, sooo freaking pigmented, super easy to blend, and easy to work with other shadow palette. It does have tons of fall out, though, which is totally normal with high pigmented eye shadows, but it’s not something to fuss about because I just simply had to tap the excess before applying to my eyes or do my eye makeup first before the foundation and concealer.


Therefore, I really really highly recommend this Lorac Pro Matte eyeshadow to everyone that have been looking for a matte palette eyeshadows! Because I think it’s one of the best eyeshadow formulation in the market, with descent price, and the quality is just on point. Again, it’s so buttery, sooo freaking pigmented, super easy to blend, and easy to work with other shadow palette. So, 5/5 ratings from me! 

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