Natural Everyday Blushes Recommendation

I love my blushes to be as natural as possible. You know, it’s easier to go overboard with blushes especially when the blush is way too pigmented. Perhaps I want my liquid lipstick and eyeshadow to be highly pigmented, but not my blushes, thank you. I like a subtle colour blushes that will go smoothly in application and easy for me to build up for special occasion. So, without further ado, here’s my recommendation for everyday natural looking blushes;


1.NARS Sex Appeal Blush

I’m perfectly aware that NARS’s best selling blush is their Orgasm one. But, really, for my NC20 skin, I just know that the Orgasm one would be too much for my liking. That’s one of the reason why I ended up purchasing this one. And boy, did it not disappoint. I freaking love this blush. It’s buttery, it’s smooth, matte, so easy to blend especially when I just want to swipe a tiny bit into my cheeks for everyday look, and it’s easy to build up for evening look. Basically, this NARS Sex Appeal Blush has anything that I could ask for in a blush. Love it so much!


2. Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Face Powder

I kinda have love-hate relationship with Benefit products, lol. At my first few applications, I also go a little bit ‘meh’ with this product and wondering what is all the hype around. However, when I play with it more, I just can’t stop using it everyday! There are some shimmer in the blush, but fret not, it won’t show up in your skin. It’s not as buttery as the NARS one, but since I got the travel size, it’s just easier for me to bring in my makeup pouch. If you have fairly fair skin, I highly suggested you to try this one because it’s just a staple for everyday natural look.


3. A’Pieu Air Fit Cushion Blush

Maybe few weeks ago, I wrote that I kinda hate that it’s hard for me to control the amount of the product on this blush. So, I like to tap it in the back of my hand first before I apply it on my cheeks. Once you got the hang of it, this is one of the most natural looking blushes ever, especially if you love Korean dewy finish. Because, unlike those powder blushes, this blush has dewy finish that helps you to achieve natural everyday ‘glow from within’ type of look without the need of highlighter.


So, yeah, those are my favorite blushes for everyday uses. Do you have favorite blushes for everyday look? Do tell me in the comment section bellow because I’d love to try new products! ❤ 🙂

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