[REVIEW] Menard Tsukika Lotion (Moist)


Hello, everyone! This time around, I want to talk specifically about one of my favorite hydrating toner, which is the Menard Tsukika Lotion (Moist). I think it’s not a secret anymore that this is one of my holy grail item, the toner that could replace the oh-so-expensive SK-II Clear Lotion that used to be my favorite for a long time. However, I don’t think that I ever talk about this particular product on its individual post. Which is sad, really.

The first time I discover Menard as a brand, because of my two favorite local beauty bloggers often mentioned how they love their products and how they love to incorporate Menard’s products into their routine. For me personally, Menard wasn’t a familiar name, as it’s not as famous as other Japanese skin care brand, like say, SK-II and Shiseido. And I’m pleasantly surprised when I digged into this brand, I realized that they have so many skin care ranges, with various price ranges. From the cheapest one, the Tsukika Line until the ridiculously expensive one, which I believe is the Authent Line, that cost you around $1,200 for a moisturizer cream. Lol, La Mer, what? :lol:.

Because I am new to this brand, of course I don’t want to put too much gambling and decided to purchase their cheapest hydrating toner, which is the Menard Tsukika Lotion (Moist). Actually they also have the Fresh version, which targeted towards oily skin.


The texture of this toner is similar with other Japanese lotion, watery, not as heavy as Korean hydrating toner. In terms of scent, it’s unscented, which is totally fine for me, because I prefer unscented products rather than the fragranced one. This is the kind of hydrating toner that you have to use with cotton pad. So, you pour a little bit into the cotton pad, and apply it in your skin.

What I love about this hydrating toner is that first, it’s not breaking me out, which is a totally important thing, since before SK-II Clear Lotion I had numerous unpleasant times in order to search the ‘perfect toner’ for me. Second, it hydrates my skin really really well. And I hardly find another toner that could go lightly and then seeps quickly into your skin, and hydrates it from within. If you suffer from skin dehydration, I highly recommend you to try this one. Even the SK-II Clear Lotion is not this hydrating to me.


I tried to find another replacement of course, in order to avoid the pretty high price tag (although not as high as SK-II), and to avoid boredom (lol). I find that Hada Labo Gokyujun Lotion and Hatumogi Skin Conditioner could be the cheaper alternative if you have dehydrated skin but didn’t want to buy this Menard one. However, as much as I love both of those, it’s obvious that it’s not working as well as this Menard Lotion Moist as a hydrating toner. So, I prefer to use them for another purpose.


I think Menard didn’t have the popularity that it deserves, since they are such a great skin care brand and I want to explore more of their products in the future. (Currently eyeing their Herb Mask and Fairlucent Serum!). Here in Indonesia, I saw that their marketing here in Indonesia had a really hard work to promote this brand even more for the last 2-3 years. Hopefully it will get better known in Asian Beauty Community in the future! :-).

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