February Empties Report


Oh, it’s another empties report! February surely flies rather fast and here I am now, typing another monthly report. If you’re not already aware, I’m trying to do this monthly empties regularly starting this year. Soo, yeah. Let’s jump into the product breakdown! 🙂


(Already) Repurchase:

1.COSRX One Step Pimple Pad

Looove this product! Maybe I have another meh moment with this COSRX One Step Pimple Pad initially; but then again my skin is super sensitive to the point where if I started to add new products (especially from a new brand), it will purge anyway, so yeah. This product started to make me believe in double toning and the idea of exfoliation again after my past horrid days of massive dehydration. If you need a gentle exfoliating toner, go for this one!

2. Banila Co. Clean It Zero Purity For Sensitive Skin

Honestly I really like this product, especially this is the first cleansing balm and/or oil that didn’t break me out. However, there are days where I prefer the DHC Cleansing Oil, and now that I already finished it, I kinda missed it. In the end I ended up repurchase this one because I feel like it’s easier for me to get it here in my country rather than the DHC one. Maybe it’s not my most favorite first cleanser anymore, but it’s still works super nice on me, didn’t break me out, etc etc. But maybe if I’m bored with this one I might purchase the ~currently super famous~ Hemisih Cleansing Balm. Let’s see!

3. Hada Labo Perfect 3D Gel

Raved about this particular product million times already, and I ended up persuaded all my friends to buy this product, lol, no, I’m not paid by Hada Labo at all, oh, I wish. 😆 But seriously this product works like magic! It adheres to the skin really, really well, and really locks all of your hydration. And I feel like it’s not as heavy as the Gokyujun Night Cream. Plus, it’s definitely affordable. Recommended!

4. Hada Labo Gokyujun Night Cream

I wrote about how this night cream is not my preferable night cream anymore in my latest routine post. However, I still think that this is one of the nicest and one of the cheapest night cream in the drugstore. Although that it’s not as good as the Perfect 3D Gel one, if you just starting your routine or looking for product for dehydrated skin, try this one.


Might want to repurchase, someday:

1. DHC Cleansing Oil

After a rather bad experience with this product, gotta blame the Senka Perfect Whip, ugh, in the end I found myself sad that I no longer have those precious liquid to start my PM routine. I really like to first cleanse and massage my face with this cleansing oil. It has olive oil scent, really natural and calming in my opinion. It’s been a really nice experience with you, DHC Cleansing Oil :lol:. The only reason why I put this cleansing oil in this category is because it’s hard to find it here in Indonesia. And if I found it online, most likely the seller will mark it up pretty high. So, until next time, DHC Cleansing Oil!

2. Lululun Precious Red Rich Moisturizing Face Mask

In my sheet mask post, I wrote that this Lululun mask feels so mediocre if I’m going to compare it with hydrogel mask and the famous SK-II one. Well, obviously it will be that way. Just look at the price tag. However, I’m trying to use this mask at the end of my PM routine because I’m addicted to use it that way after my previous experience with the SK-II one, and I have to say that I still love to the finish that this sheet mask give, although not as luxurious as the SK-II FTE Mask. As for now, I want to try a bunch of different sheet mask in the market, so, yeah, won’t repurchase it in the near time. But, someday, maybe.


Won’t Repurchase:

L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Summer Saviour

I bought this one in Germany Drugstore a long long time ago, lol. I bought it because I freaking love the original Extraordinary Oil. It definitely helps to make my dry-as-sahara-and-went-through-chemically-numerous-times-hair to be healthier and easier to treat. However, I felt like this “summer saviour” to be not enough for my dry hair. The formula is way thinner than the original one, and it’s not as moisturizing in my hair. If you have a virgin hair that never went through coloring, bleaching, blonding, etc, and/or if you have oily hair, perhaps you will like this one.



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