My Thoughts on Skin Checks at Beauty Counter

When I first started to have interest in skin care, there’s a phase when I really want to know about my skin condition. I especially interested with those hi-tech skin check machine that usually some big brands always have in the department store. However, along with my curiosity, I always thought that it was all just a gimmick, a trick to make us customers reach their daily sales target. But in the end, I’ve tried those skin checks, anyways. Because, why not? It’s free. Plus, they usually give us samples along with it, lol. Just make sure that you hold your wallet tight, okay? ūüėÜ

Now that I’m already into my second year with this skin care routine thing, I tend to avoid those skin checks. Why? Well, here’s my current thought on those skin checks things.


I’m afraid that the results aren’t something that I would expected

You see, your skin¬†is something that you have, that you should know better than anyone else. It’s something that you need to understand, although it would takes sometime, but if you have the patience, it’s definitely worth it. You will start to understand what would work and what won’t work for your skin. And if you already take care of your skin really well and you already satisfied enough with your skin, you did it. You didn’t someone that let’s say, a beauty assistant that barely had¬†dermatologic background and only rely on the machine to judge your skin.

Once, I started to use¬†a coupe of things from prestigious skin care brand, and I totally didn’t expect that in the next couple months, my skin check results would be worsen than the first one. I was like, seriously?¬†And I think I need to tell you guys that I didn’t mention that I use their products. If I told them, well, I don’t know, perhaps the results¬†would get ‘better’.

That being said, I avoid those skin checks after that experience mainly because it makes me even more insecure of¬†my current routine and skin condition. And really, when you are in a state when you already insecure with your skin condition, you didn’t need those negative results to feed your thoughts. You do you. Do what you think are the best for your own skin, and if you already helpless and don’t know what else to do, ask for a professional¬†dermatologist. I do understand that there are several skin conditions that just can’t rely on products over the counter. Ask for a dermatologist, and please don’t just¬†trust on those department store skin checks before you ask the professional.


Nevertheless, if you insist that you want to try those department store skin checks, here’s my tip:

  • Come during your best condition

First and foremost, you can’t come when you are physically ill, because it would affected your whole body, including your skin condition. You want to come when you feel that you are¬†the healthiest. That’s including your skin’s condition. Avoid coming when you are during PMS and when you have lots of acnes, pimples, etc. And if possible, come in the morning when your skin condition is at its best, at its most fresh state.

  • Don’t wear makeup

Believe it or not, makeup tends to make skin checks result got worsen that it’s actually is. Especially full cover makeup. Because, even if you try to bake it or put any tricks, makeup is makeup, it tends to settle into fine lines, could accentuate dry patches, and more often than not, there’s a possibility that it could accentuate your acne scars, pimples, and other textures on your skin. Well, of course that I’m talking about makeup bases here. If you can’t avoid makeup 100% when you left your house, wear eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip tint should¬†be fine.

  • If you just started using skin care products, give it time.

My theory is, when I had those not so satisfying skin checks, I came too early before the product actually works. If you still experimenting with your skin care routine, wait until you find the one that actually works for you before you come to the skin check counter. If you just started to use new products, at least give it 6 months  before you decided to check your skin.

Well, that’s all my thoughts on the department store skin checks. Do you have personal story in¬†this specific case? Please share it in the comment sections bellow! ūüôā

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