[REVIEW] The Balm The Manizer Sisters


I think if you are a makeup addict, you will know about The Balm’s highlighter that had been raved here and there a few years back to this date — The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer, especially. Almost every youtuber talked about it, raved about it back in the day. Well, maybe, before the arrival of Becca. 😆 To put that aside, I think there are still a few of famous beauty guru that stated that it still is one of their favorite highlighter.

The Balm released their highlighter trio — The Mary-Lou Manizer, Cindy-Lou Manizer, and Betty-Lou Manizer in a palette form for the first time for Christmas Limited Edition in 2015, if I’m not mistaken. As far as I remember, at the first batch I quickly snatched it right away because I thought that was a really good deal. But, I believe that they ended up making it permanent because of the high demand.

You absolutely can buy them individually for $24, or choose to purchase this palette instead for $28. But, since I’m totally new with highlight and bronzer few years back, I thought that it’s such a steal to get all of them in one palette. It’s a good way to sampling them, and it’s not like I will easily hit the pan, anyway, since I’m pretty sure that I would only wear it for special occasions and events.


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this trio of Manizers has been found guilty – of being gorgeous. Designed for girls on the run, this highlighting trio enables you to emphasize your finest features. This palette contains three triple-milled multi-tasking highlighter, shimmers and shadows. These champagne, rose, and golden-bronze shades are flattering on all skin tones and easy to use so you can take your glow on the go. 


So, this palette come with three highlight shade, Mary-Lou Manizer, a champaign highlight shade, Cindy-Lou Manizer, a rose-gold highlight shade, and Betty-Lou Manizer, a golden-bronze shade that would looks lovely as a highlighter for a deeper skin tone, or perhaps as a bronzer for fair-skinned girls out there.

The thing I love the most from this palette is the versatility. While they were absolutely beautiful as their main purposes — highlighter, but they are also work wonderfully as a blush topper and eyeshadow. If you think your matte eyeshadow is too bland, a touch of these highlight shade would definitely help to make your eyes pop instantly.


I also really love the formula of these trio, seriously! They are so buttery, pigmented, and easy to blend. They are pretty easy to control, too; Mary-Lou Manizer as a highliter for example, for a natural look, I just have to swipe it a little with a fan brush, and I simply have to blend it with a beauty blender with a few dab to make it more like a ‘glow from within’ look. If you want to achieve the Instagram Glow , though, it’s super easy to create them with this palette. Once, my friend try the Mary-Lou Manizer for photoshoot and she was like “OMG, this highlighter is so good!”.

I also love the fact that their formula are super easy to blend together with another eyeshadows, I really love to pair it with my new found love, the Lorac Matte Palatte. They work flawlessly together! Plus, I love that the shimmer is so fine and isn’t chunky in the slightest. So, it makes me easier to achieve a natural look with them.


So, overall, I highly, highly recommend this palette if you want to sample all of The Balm highlight range. It’s such a steal, and they work soo flawlessly. Plus, it would be easy for you to bring them during holiday as they are travel friendly. However, if you only like a particular shade, I suggest that you bought them individually as they are cheaper and they come in a huge pan. Furthermore, I think The Balm’s highlighter is one of the it highlighter that you have to try once in your lifetime, they are definitely worth it, especially when they are come with a friendly price tag compared to another brands that famous for their highlighter.

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