Masking Wednesday: 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge Method

Okay, okay, I could predict all of your thoughts regarding this *particular* post.

Haven’t you, like, traumatized with the Korean Mask Scandal and totally against Korean Sheet Mask afterwards?

Well, I did. However, because I just hate to wasting up products, and I usually even put a lot of efforts to finish products that I actually hate, like for example, the Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip, I felt guilty if I have to put these guys into the trash bin. I don’t have the heart to give it to my friends or family, because I always avoid to give them products that I don’t like. Not too mention, I purchased these The Face Shop x Kakao Talk sheet mask because they are way too adorable and I just love how cynical and funny those characters could be (lol).

That is the first reason why I decided to use Korean Sheet Mask again.

However, when I finally use them all, I just reminded by how I used to love Korean Sheet Mask so much. And in my mind I just hope that the Korean Cosmetic Industry would improve, especially when I believe that sheet mask is one of the most best selling products from any Korean brands available in the market.

Yeah, that and the fact that it’s hard to resist when Korean Cosmetics Industry keep releasing new interesting sheet masks left and right and they always come with a affordable price tag, and easier to get here in Indonesia; unlike those Japanese Mask that I fancy. So, yeah, short to say, I could say that I’m pretty much over the scandal, lol. So, you will looking for another Korean Sheet Mask review from me in the future! 😆


Back to the review: What is the 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge in particular?

Maybe, for the last two years, this method become a really big hit in Asian Beauty industry. There are a lot of people that claims that with this method you would achieve an instant flawless glowing skin; while there are others that said that these method will be bad for your skin. While there are definitely pros and cons to this method, I personally already adapted this method from the days where I still struggling to build my skin care routine and suffered from chronic dehydrated skin; and I would say that this method definitely saved me from dry and flakey skin.

So, basically, you have to incorporate sheet mask into your skin care routine for seven days straight. It’s up to you if you want to use sheet mask from the same brand, or same brand from different line, or different brand altogether.

And this time around, I’m trying of a total 7 sheet masks that I’ve never tried before (well, except for the SK-II one); and here’s the breakdown of what I thought of them:


1. The Face Shop x Kakao Talk Character Mask in Hydrating

I’ve tried a few The Face Shop freebies sheet mask before, and I decided that I don’t like all of them. That is why, when I bought the Kakao Talk collaboration sheet mask set, I only bought it because it’s simply cute and annoying (lol). I don’t expect any benefit from them, honestly. However, though, I was pleasantly surprise that I’m pretty okay with this mask! It moisturized my skin pretty well, without any unpleasant feeling, sooo unlike the previous TFS sheet mask that I’ve tried before.

2. The Face Shop x Kakao Talk Character Mask in Brightening

Honestly, I’ve never expected any benefit from sheet mask aside from the hydration. Because let’s face it: you will need more than a sheet mask if you expect to brighten your skin, right? Lol. So, short to say, I didn’t really get the brightening effect, but I still get the nice, moisturizing skin that I also got from the hydrating mask.

3. The Face Shop x Kakao Talk Character Mask in Soothing

This mask give me exactly the same moisturizing effect that I got from the previous masks. I don’t really get the ~soothing~ feeling, quite honestly, lol. 😆 But, I think during that day, my skin was in a pretty nice condition. So, if you have irritated skin, this mask might be great to soothes your skin.

4. SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

This mask though, this mask!!! I forgot how nice was this mask on my skin. I must be took this mask for granted previously, lol. After this particular mask, I feel like other sheet mask that I try were simply mediocre :lol:. During the same day when I to used this mask, I decided to try to use sheet mask to locked all of my routine, the Liah Yoo method. And, boy, this mask did wonders to my skin. My face feels sooooo well hydrated, bouncy, plump, and glowing afterwards! And in the morning also! If you think that SK-II is way too pricey and you decided to skip the brand altogether; please do me a favor and try this mask once in your lifetime. Please just do.


5. The Face Shop x Kakao Talk Character Mask in Moisturizing

Okay, at this point I didn’t even know that hydrating is not the same with moisturizing??? Lol, well, just like all of the TFS x Kakao Talk mask that I’ve reviewed above, I feel like that this particular mask is relatively feel similar with the others. It delivers what it claims, though: to moisturize your skin.

6. 1 DAY CHARGE Cleopatra Gold Hydro Gel Mask

This is probably my second favorite mask after the SK-II one. This stuff is just toooo good! This is my first hydro gel mask, and I was very impressed with this one. It clings to my face perfectly, and the after effect is super nice on the skin! It leaves my skin well hydrated, plumped it, and I feel like it lifted my skin a bit. So gonna repurchase this one if I got the access to purchase this mask!

7. Lululun Precious Red Rich Moisturizing Face Mask

After all of the variety of pretty nice masks super nice holy grail mask, and second holy grail mask, I feel like this one is the most average one, lolll. I know that I can put my final verdict after trying just one sheet mask because it supposed to be a 7-day sheet mask. Nevertheless, I feel like compared to the other masks that I’ve tried during this challenged, this mask was lacking a lot. Will updated you once I got to finish this one, tho.

So, overall, I think that this 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge is a effective way to boost up the hydration on your skin. I always do this method whenever I feel like my skin is dehydrated and super dry; during fasting month or winter times, for example. I definitely recommend this method to people with dehydrated skin and dry skin! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Masking Wednesday: 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge Method

  1. I used the SK-II mask once and BOY it felt so. So. Good. I couldn’t stop touching my face. But the next day, I broke out like crazy. My heart broke a little, and I still don’t know if it’s because the ingredient(s) or because it was way past it’s Best Before date 😦


    1. Probably because it’s past expiry date! I know that there are a lot of people whom allergic to pitera (SK-II’s main ingredients) because it’s such an potent ingredients, but then again you shouldn’t use expired skin care, so you should give the sheet mask one more chance before you give your final opinion. I’ve used expired eyelash glue few months ago, gosh, it’s such a horrific experience, my eyes irritated so badly. So stay away from expired products! 🙂


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