How To: Foaming Up Your Facial Cleanser Properly


If you are a follower of Asian Beauty, this might be an old news for you; however just in case you are not, or you just enter this overwhelming world that is the skin care routine, I hope that this post will be a useful guide for you ;-).

OK, so, where to begin?

It’s not really a secret that in the numerous steps in Asian skin care routine, double cleansing is one of the mandatory method, if not the most important step. Without a proper double cleansing, all of your fancy ass serums, essences, or moisturizer will be useless because you didn’t provide a clean canvas for your skin care to sinks in. In fact, there are some possibilities that those treatment could clogged your pores and cause acne if you are not cleansed your skin properly.

So, in order to double cleanse, you need a first cleanser and second cleanser. The first cleanser could be an oil cleanser, balm cleanser, cream cleanser, or a micellar water, perhaps. I don’t really know if micellar water could break down your sunscreen properly, but I always triple cleanse in this order:

  1. Micellar water/eye remover; for removing all of the makeup
  2. Balm/oil cleanser;  for removing all of the sunscreen and base makeup residue
  3. Foaming cleanser; to remove all the greasy residue from the first cleanser

Supposedly, a good first cleanser could remove even the most waterproof mascara. But, personally I don’t like to rubbed my eyes with first cleanser, hence the reason why I need extra step to cleanse my makeup even though my favorite DHC Cleansing Oil and Banila Co Clean It Zero both does a great job at removing waterproof makeup.


So, after the oil based cleanser, you need a second cleanser. While the mighty skin care guru Caroline Hirons totally against foaming cleanser, I personally okay with it if only it comes with a low pH. Basically, second cleanser is the cleanser that already popular long before the first cleanser came. It’s the usual facial cleanser that you usually use to clean your face. However, realizing it or not, most of the facial cleanser that you might already use is high at pH.

What would a high pH cleanser does to your skin?

If you familiar with the feeling of your skin feels tight and dry after cleansing, it’s the effect of high pH cleanser. In the long run, high pH cleanser could lead into dehydrated skin. When my skin at its most sensitive side, it could directly lead into zits and acne, which is why I always try to avoid high pH cleanser. There are tons of negative sides of high pH cleanser aside of that, I believe, which you can totally google yourself (lol).

My favorite low-pH cleansers is Hada Labo Gokyujun Foaming Facial Wash and SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick in which both comes great when I don’t fancy an extra step to foaming my traditional facial wash or powder facial wash properly. However, there are times when I want to try well-hyped facial cleanser that (unfortunately) comes in the traditional squeezy tubes things that needs to be foaming up properly. So, this is when a Foaming Net comes in handy.


I don’t really know if Menard created this method or not, but I believe that this Japanese brand is the strongest advocate for foaming up your facial cleanser into the size of tennis ball. They even comes up with their own Foaming Net Voile de Mousse that help to create that tennis ball size foam easily.

Basically, this is the same with the foaming net that you usually use for your body wash, nevertheless, I like to purchase this one to differentiate which foaming net will I use for shower, and which one I like to use for facial foam. I believe that Daiso comes out with their own foaming net, though, but I never found it in my local Daiso, so I don’t really know about its performance.


(LOL, look at my failed attempt to take a picture of tennis-ball-sized foam by myself.  It’s so freaking hard you know, lol) 😆

Nevertheless, this Foaming Net Voile de Mousse does a great job at foaming up your facial cleanser into a tennis ball size foam. It helps to create that soft and dense foam to clean your face with the least friction possible. The major plus side, though, I found that it helps to make high pH cleanser like the Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip to be more bearable and less tightening to the skin.

Overall, I really like this Menard Foaming Net Voile de Mousse to properly foaming up my facial cleanser, especially when it comes with a cheap price (around $1). I just wish that they will come up with a string attached like the usual body foaming net because it’s such a hassle to put the string by myself, though.



4 thoughts on “How To: Foaming Up Your Facial Cleanser Properly

  1. Such an informative post. Still just learning about pH. I love my foaming net too. I have been using Japanese bar soap and the foam is so light and fluffy. I love it! I heard that the for prevents you from rubbing your face so much as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much for reading! 🙂 I think I know about that Japanese bar soap, is it comes with its own foaming net? They’ve been selling that too in my country, but I haven’t got a chance to try it!

      Liked by 1 person

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