How To: Clean Your Make Up Brushes

I’m probably one of the laziest girl in the universe when in comes to cleaning my make up brushes. If there are no urgent matters; i.e: experimenting in different colours for eye make up for a few days in a row, I’d probably only clean my make up brushes like, once every three months… I guess, lol. Totally disgusting, I know 😆 please don’t copy me. Well, that is because I didn’t use brushes for cream products, especially foundation and concealer. I personally found it really hard to use stippling brushes and foundation brush, hence the reason why I always opted for sponges, especially beauty blender and cushion air puff for foundation application.


The theory is, you have to clean foundation brush, stippling brush, and concealer brush, every 2-3 times using it. Because leftover cream products on the brush attract bacteria, and that could lead to pimples on your face. So, you have to really put attention to your foundation brush, stippling brush, and concealer brush the most.

For the powder-related products, you supposedly clean them maximum once every month if you use make up on daily basis.


So, back to the main question: How I clean my make up brushes? 

Hmm, I’ve experimented a bit in the past. I’ve tried the Michelle Phan cheap method and it didn’t end very well. It was freaking hard to remove the residue of the olive oil on the brushes, until I potentially nearly breaking my brushes. Come to think of it, I think she didn’t even use that method anymore, lol. So, move on. Tried several store bought spray brush cleanser, didn’t work pretty well. Perhaps I bought the wrong cleanser… I don’t know. The traditional baby shampoo method? Nah, not really working well for me. Regular synthetic soap? I feel like that method makes my brush not as soft as it used to, so nah.

So, I decided to back to my first love of the brush cleaning world: The PAC Brush Cleanser. I’m pretty sure that if you are not from Indonesia, you wouldn’t know or even heard about this particular brand. PAC is an Indonesian Brand from Martha Tilaar, one of Indonesian renowned traditional cosmetic brand that focusing for professional make up artist cosmetics, hence the name stands for Professional Artist Cosmetics.

No, I’m not affiliate with PAC, nor that this post is sponsored, lol. 😆


A few years ago, when I accidentally jumped into the make up world for the very first time because of performance purposed, for one reason or another, I take my Mom to PAC and nearly bought everything “essentials” from them, and somehow this Brush Cleanser is one of them. And as far as I remember, it works really well to clean my make up in a easy way, not involved with soap and everything! Just swipe, swipe, and your make up residue is simply gone and you left with a squeaky clean brushes! 😀


So, the only thing that you have to do, is just to simply put the liquid Brush Cleanser into a bowl, and dip your brush and swipe it until your brush is clean, and tap the excess liquid with a tissue, let it dry, and voila! Totally clean brushes! Plus, when it dries, it will smells like baby powder! 😀

Perhaps because of this super easy fool proof method of cleaning brushes, I get lazy when I have to involved with soapy cleaner and back to this brush cleanser, lol. 😆


But, seriously! I think this PAC Brush Cleanser is super underrated, because it works really well to clean brushes, with super easy method, plus it’s pretty affordable for a brush cleanser, it’s around $8~$9 as far as I remember, and it comes with a sturdy glass and super chic and professional-looking packaging! Love it!


Repurchase? Of course! I love this stuff soooo very much and will always purchase it until I found another miraculous product, lolll. Nevertheless, so far this is my favorite brush cleanser and probably my HG when it comes to brush cleansing!


5 thoughts on “How To: Clean Your Make Up Brushes

  1. Love this post! I hate washing my makeup brushes but this looks so easy. I’ve never heard of PAC before but looks awesome! X


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