[REVIEW] A’Pieu Air Fit Cushion Blusher


As a person who repeatedly said that I’m not really into blush, I surely collected a lot of them :lol:. So, this is the cushion blusher from A’Pieu, that was really a hit a year ago during the Doraemon x A’Pieu collaboration. However, I prefer this version, personally I think it’s a little bit classier and prettier.


A’Pieu Air Fit Cushion Blusher #PK01 is the only pink shade in the range, I believe. Initially I wanted to bought the violet one, but by the time when I purchase this, I was obsessed with Japanese blushing style, so I opted for this one. This cushion blusher has this watery texture. But please, do use this product with a light hand because this product is pretty pigmented, so a light dip into the cushion will do.


A’Pieu Air Fit Cushion Blusher has the same air-puff sponge that usually comes with most Korean cushion foundation, but with a cute tiiiiny teeny size if you compare it to the regular air-puff sponge. The air-puff sponge do help to blend the cushion blusher smoothly. It gives a natural blushed looks because of its dewy finish.


Overall, I think this is a pretty nice product, especially for you who loves to travel because with this cushion blusher, you don’t need to bring separated brush for the application. However, because of the pretty high pigmentation, it’s pretty hard for me to control the amount of the product; hence the reason why I tend not to reach for this cushion blusher these days.

If you want to try a cushion blusher, I would suggest you to try this one, because I think this is a fairly nice product, with a cheap price tag, too! (Around $5~$6). And I believe that every time A’Pieu had characters collaboration such as Rilakkuma or Doraemon, they always repackaged this blusher into the special character one! 🙂

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