[REVIEW] CLIO Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer


Even though I rarely purchase items from the brand, I would say that CLIO is one of my favorite K-beauty road shop brand. Their packaging is so simple and chic, and their products usually deliver good results with the reasonable price. Their famous eye brow product, the Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow is one of my favorite eye brow product back then in 2014. And if not for Japanese awesome eyeliners, maybe I would stocked up their best selling eyeliners in my vanity.

However, I’m pretty hesitant to try their base product, especially because usually they are releasing mattifying products, which is not my preferable finish when in come to foundation and such. Nevertheless, I ended up purchasing this Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer because they had quite a positive reviews from Korean Youtubers and because I’m pretty bored with my Maybelline FIT ME! Concealer.


Winner of In Style Magazine Korea’s 2014 Star Beauty Award for best concealer, Clio Professional’s Kill Cover Pro Artist Concealer Collection come in 4 amazing waterproof formulas ranging from heavy to light with different levels of coverage. The Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer offers the absolute full coverage in a liquid that blends into the skin for a seamless matte finish. Offering brightening and age-erasing benefits, it diminishes the appearance of dark spots and freckles to give you a flawless complexion.


I choose the lightest shade, lingerie, simply because usually I choose the brightest shade available for my concealer :lol:. The concealer has pretty thick texture for a liquid concealer, and I found that with this concealer, a little goes a long the way. With the tiniest amount, like, one or two teeny tiny dot on each eye, I could cover my entire dark circle.

However, what scares me the most happened—this concealer has mattifying finish. It will accentuate the fine lines that you didn’t know exist. Oh, God. When I wear it by itself, I could feel that this concealer drying up the hell of my under eye. And this happened when I already apply eye cream to my under eye. So, beware to the girls with dry under eye! 

I’ve had a few experiment with this CLIO Kill Cover Liquid Concealer. To combat the matte finish, I apply it with facial-mist-dampened-sponge. However, the method reduce the coverage of the concealer. Tried to apply it with fingers and dry sponges also, but it still gives matte finish.


I found that the best way to give it more moisturizing finish by mix it with the Maybelline FIT ME! Concealer. Lol, yeah, I ended up repurchasing it even though I said that I’m bored :lol:. That way, the concealer still maintain the coverage yet not drying up your under eye. Because of the matte finish, I don’t find the need to set up this concealer with translucent powder, though.

So, overall, as a dry skin person, I don’t really get the hype of this CLIO Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer. But, I think it might work for people who have oily skin. 


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