[REVIEW] Muji Cotton Puff


Back with me with another cotton sheet reviews :lol:. If you asked me why am I so obsessed towards a certain cotton sheet, just like the Silcot cotton, I would say that, believe me, something as simple as cotton sheet would change your entire skin care regime game, if you find something that good.

So it’s started when I had this conversation with my friend that worked in Muji in Tokyo. When he knows that I’m pretty obsessed with skin care and beauty world in general, he suggested me to try Muji’s Cotton Sheet, because apparently it’s one of their most best selling beauty item. I knew, of course, because when I started to stalked Reddit’s AB Community, probably a year ago, everyone been raving about Muji Cotton Sheet. But, being the newbie in the skin care game at that time, I just thought, “Nah, why would I invest in cotton sheet of all skin care products?”

Boy, little did I know šŸ˜†


So, when I got back to Jakarta, I ended up didn’t buy Muji Cotton Sheet because my baggage already full of another Japanese beauty stuff that I hoarded earlier. However, weeks after I got back from Japan, somehow I was feeling devastated and startedĀ to think, if I run out of this amazing Silcot Cotton, what will I do without it? Somehow the old local cotton just never feel the same after I tried Silcot.

And that’s when I was converted into this Muji Cotton Puff.

Bear in mind that I am aware that people raved about the Muji Organic Cotton, however, my local Muji didn’t carry it, so I bought their regular one, the Muji Cotton Puff. Retails at around $4, I personally think that it is such a good deal for a good quality cotton sheet. Although it’s not as wonderful as the Silcot one, I think it’s definitely above local cotton in terms of quality, and level of adsorptionĀ of product.


That being said, I didn’t need as much as product as the local thinĀ cotton, but I do need a little bit more if I’m going to compare it to Silcot. However, I don’t think that it is good for removing makeup, because somehow I always feel that the makeup remover drenched my eyes whenever I used this Muji Cotton Puff with my makeup remover. Probably I just had way too many makeup remover to begin with, but I personally think that this cotton is more effective for toner or lotion application.


Overall, I’m really impressed by how this Muji Cotton Puff performed. It’s really cost effective, you would probably run out of it by 3 months or so if you only use it for skin careĀ application. I have yet to try using it as a sheet mask, but I will keep you updated if it works good or just so-so.

Repurchase? Yes, definitely! Nevertheless, I want to try the organic one first, because I’m so curious, if the regular one performs pretty well, how great would it be with the organic one? šŸ˜€


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