2016 Februaryth’s Top Beauty Products

The year of 2016 was the year where I’m trying a lot of new interesting beauty stuffs, raved products, intriguing skin care and make up products, and all. And, now is the time where I have to choose my 12 top picks for beauty products from 2016!

Why 12 instead of 10 do you ask?

It was simply because I had a hard time to choose only 10 products, lolllll 😆


So, without further ado, let’s start from Rank #12!


#12. Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence

Starting out with only 3.5/5 in my past review back in October, look at this shiny blue bottle doing in my 2016 Top Products List! For me personally, this is a product that I gradually grew on me. When I finished up my first tube, I realize what are people talking about. This is such a beautiful affordable sunscreen that goes lightweight upon the application. If you are sensitive to alcohol, you might find the scent pretty strong (Well, at least I did, upon the first month of using it). 

However if you’re way too lazy to use primer, this is such a perfect product because this sunscreen could do more than just to protect your skin from the sun. While it did such a great job at doing that (SPF 50+ PA++++?? Are you kidding me??), it’s also does a great job to be the primer to your foundation. Seriously, I don’t even bother to reach for my primer for the last 3 months because of this gal, lol.



#11. Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Cologne

This is, hands down one of my favorite things (not just beauty related things) in 2016. Look at that gorgeous bottle. Look at that pretty and luxurious packaging. How can one not love that?!

Packaging aside, that’s the scent that count. And boy, oh boy. This is one of the best scent that I’ve ever found so far. I’ve always gravitated towards sweet, candy-ish scent, like, Marc Jacobs Lola, or Karl Lagerfeld for Her; for example. I’ve never expect that I could like this kind of scent, a mix of peppery, spiced, and fresh scent. This is such a beautiful perfume, really. And it’s really bad for my bank account because I’m starting to curious to finding out more about the very many of Jo Malone’s scents.



#10. BLP Beauty Lip Coat in #Butter Fudge and #Cinnamon Burnt

Such a pretty colors with comfortable texture and matte finish. Personally, I never like the super drying kind of liquid lipstick. My favorite liquid lipstick brand, Ofra and Girlactik, both are super comfortable on the lips. Nevertheless, even though these lip coat aren’t as long wearing as those brands, I found that their color selection, the scent (oh I love those dessert scent!), the texture, the packaging, and the price point are very appealing for fellow Indonesians. No wonder that this product always sold out in their website ;-).

Butter Fudge is one of the color that I use almost everyday ever since I got it. On its own, I think Butter Fudge make me look sick. However, I love it as my lip base for any color that I want to mix and/or for lip gradation. My favorite way of using it is to dotted Burnt Cinnamon  inside the lips to make lip gradation on top of the Butter Fudge and to mix it with NYX Liquid Suede on Sandstorm. Sooo pretty! ❤



#9. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water

Where have I been all my life? This is such a great great cleanser that I literally haven’t stop using after the first time I got my hands on it. This micellar water removes all of my waterproof makeup in a flash, without any oily residue and without any discomfort. This is the perfect cleanser for sensitive skin gals out there! This big bottle lasted me around 4-5 months. Repurchase for sure!



#8. Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation

Well, hello my favorite foundation of the year! If you follow me long enough, you must be realize that I reviewed 6-7 foundations/BB creams this year, including the BRTC, Bourjois, another Bourjois foundation, VDL, Espoir, and Missha. And this foundation successfully beat any foundations that I’ve ever tried this year. Hands down, one of my favorite foundation to date.

This discontinued foundation has lightweight texture and a sheer coverage that I’m really into these days for daily uses. This foundation makes your skin looks healthy with a dewy finish that I’m really fond of. I don’t know if the replacement of this foundation; the Water Blend Foundation do the same thing, but if you really want to try foundation from Make Up For Ever, I will highly, highly recommend to try this one, if the MUFE stores near your place still carry it.



#7. SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick

Seriously, this cleanser. Why do you have to be frickin’ beautiful?

I’ve always hesitant to try expensive skin care because I’m afraid that my skin would love it too much. And yet, that is what exactly happened with this SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick. This travel friendly second cleanser successfully beat up my holy grail Hada Labo Foaming Facial Wash and made it on top of my cleanser’s preference. This is a gentle, low-pH skin care that lather up quite nicely with relaxing rose scent, and with a lot of good oils on its ingredients, too. Although I was trying this one only on the last month of 2016, it’s save to say that this is my favorite second cleanser of the year. Definitely worth the hype!



#6. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

I raved about it so much in my previous review and it wouldn’t make any sense if I don’t include it on my list. This is a marvelous lip mask that doing a great job to restore moisture on your lips, seriously. If you have dry, chapped lips and you haven’t try it yet, you lost so much. Other Laneige products that I previously tried in the past usually only “meh” and didn’t worth the hype for me personally. However, this product, thoooo, really really worth the hype. I even include this on my holy grail list!  No wonder they expand this product and add three more option to the range. 5/5!



#5. NARS Blush in #Sex Appeal

I’m not the blush kinda girl. I would hardly use it on daily basis. So, when I found the perfect, buttery smooth powder blush that I don’t really mind to use it everyday, that means I’m way too in love with that product. I know that NARS Blush is really popular since years ago. However, their best selling “Orgasm” shade isn’t very appealing to me, especially with all of the glitters. So, when a lot of Korean vloggers raved about this product, especially Bambigirl that always love “barely there natural blush”; I just know that I have to get my hands on it. And boy, this blush never disappoint. I recommend this blush to everyone who adore “no make up” make up look. 🙂



#4. Make Over Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick in #Silhouette and #Fame Fatale

I realize that I never made an individual review about these products, but I would be lying if I’m not including these Make Over Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick on my list because these two are probably my most frequently use lip product in year 2016. I love to combine these two colors to make lip gradation for daily wear. I own another shade from the range, but I have to admit that I only use these two through out the year.

In terms of color, I think the combination of Silhouette and Fame Fatale is similar to BLP Beauty Lip Coat in Butter Fudge and Burnt Cinnamon, which happens to be my another favorite.  They have different texture and finish, though. And I found that Make Over Ultra Hi-Matte to be more long wearing and easier to touch up through out the day. Last but not least, the price is so affordable, too! Only around $7~$8, hence the reason why I love this lip product even more.



#3. Banila Co Clean It Zero Purity

Can I say that I finally found the perfect first cleanser for me? After searching for first cleanser that actually suit my skin here and there, and trying out approximately 4-5 cleansing oil through out the year, I think I found that Banila Co Clean It Zero is the one for me. After numerous try and error, I think my skin suits cleansing balm more rather than oils. Rather than the original one, I think the Purity version will work on sensitive skin better. It works well at removing make up, without any sticky oily feeling that makes the whole experience more pleasant for me.



#2. Menard Tsukika Lotion Moist

I’ve always trying to find the cheaper alternative to my beloved SK-II Clear Lotion. After researching here and there, I found out that two of my favorite local beauty bloggers have this special fondness towards Menard products. When I research more about their philosophy and their product range, I think it would be nice to try their cheapest range first, which is the Tsukika Line. I think I already told you guys  countless times that my skin always had this purging phase, even when I’m rotating my favorite products. And that’s also happened to this product.

However, after a while I could see that this is such a perfect hydrating toner for me, even better than SK-II Clear Lotion, I would say. It adsorbs and hydrates my skin pretty well and makes it ready for the following skin care steps. So, yeah, definitely my new holy grail hydrating toner! Currently purchasing my fourth bottle for 2017! 😉



#1. Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton (Uru-Uru Cotton)

Who would’ve think that my #1 beauty rank would be cotton sheet? Well, I do! 😛

If you read my review months ago, you would’ve probably know that this stuff totally blew my mind! I even asked my friends to bought me another box from Japan! Yeah, that’s how I love this cotton sheet so much. You see, not only this cotton is probably the softest cotton I’ve ever tried, I love how efficient this cotton is, I noticed that I only need the slightest amount of my toner with this cotton, which is surely something for me because I practically always need to drenched my trusted SK-II Clear Lotion or Menard Tsukika Moist Lotionwhich is not exactly cheap, to any kind of cotton before this.

By now, I could only hope that they will expand their distribution to Indonesia, or maybe if I had another opportunity to come back to Japan, I would definitely bulk buy this amazing cotton!




So, that’s all from My Top 12 Beauty Products from 2016? Have you seen your favorites here? Or do you have some favorites that I haven’t try before? Please don’t be hesitate to share it on the comment section bellow! 😉

Oh, and Happy New Year, everyone! ❤





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