2016 Black Friday Haul

Hello, everyone back with me with another haul of mine. 😆


Well, honestly speaking this is my accumulative haul since October if I’m not mistaken. But, since most of the item I purchased were from the Black Friday sale… Let me just call it “Black Friday Haul”. 😛


So, one of my favorite online store when it comes to Korean cosmetics, Tester Korea had this hugeee sale for CLIO, Hanyul, Laneige, IOPE etc and I went nuts and instantly purchase my wish list items because not everyday expensive brands like Hanyul and IOPE have discounts, so it might explain why most of my purchased items were Korean brands (like always).


1.Real Techniques Ultimate Eye Set

Been wanting this set for a long time now. I want to learn more about eye makeup beside cat eye and move from my save haven for years, lolll. Plus, I want to play around with my eye palettes more (and not neglected them like, most of days) 😆

2.Laneige Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist

Because I haven’t found the right mist for my face, yet; (Even the famous mist for sensitive face didn’t work for me) I’m going to try this one. Hopefully it would work well on me!

3.ARITAUM Matte Formula Eye Brow Pencil #4 GREY BROWN (회갈색)

I have heard a lot of praised for this particular eye brow product that doubt to be the dupe for the famous Shu Uemura Hard Formula. Well, never tried the Shu Uemura eye brow pencil myself, I want to try this cheaper one first (only $5!!!!)

4.CLIO Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer #03 BY_LINEN

Finally I’m running out of my concealers!!! Yeayyy! I was pondering to get the Urban Decay or Tarte one for months…. But finally bought these gal because most Korean Youtubers impressed by this concealer, plus, it’s much much cheaper rather than those Western Higher End brands! 😛


5. INNISFREE MY CUSHION CASE (case only) #no.20

Oh, the endless cutesy case of cushion world. Seriously, I had a hard time to choose which case that I wanted to buy; and ended up with this one. I have to be honest, though, the quality of the case is disappointing for the price. It’s so plasticky and screams cheap; at least for me.

6. INNISFREE Water Fit Cushion (Refill) SPF34 PA++ #N23

I also had a hard time wether to choose the ampoule one or the water fit one. Afraid that the ampoule one would be too much for Indonesia-forever-summer-climate; I ended up with the Water Fit one. I heard a lot that Innisfree cushion always lean to the light shade, so even if I mostly use shade 21 in Korean Cushion Foundation, I ended up with shade #23.


7. INNISFREE Eco Beauty Tool Air Magic Puff – Fitting

So, apparently this is one of the newest puff from Innisfree. According to Liah Yoo, the brown one will give matte finish, while the regular blue one will give you the Korean dewy finish. Well, excited to try it soon!

8. SUM:37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick

One of the best selling cleanser in Korea last year. Sold out everywhere with never ending praises from anyone. I have to agree with them though, this is one of the best cleansers that I’ve ever used! Read my thought about this cleanser here.

9. ESPOIR Pro Tailor Liquid Foundation EX SPF25 PA++ #Y404 Tan Light

This is my first ever purchase from the Korean cosmetic brand that I’ve always wanted to try, Espoir. Well, even though through my first impression I’m pretty impressed with this foundation, after a few uses I realize that it was an okay foundation. Nothing ground breaking or something. But, I’m going to finish it, though, because the formulation is not something that I hate.


10. ANSKIN Modeling Mask 240g / Collagen (콜라겐)

I’ve always wanted to try those luxurious Korean Spa Modeling Mask. And, Oh My God, this ANSKIN Modeling Mask never failed to impressed me. Read more my thought about this ANSKIN Modeling Mask here.

11. A’Pieu Mask Brush Set

This set is definitely perfect for the ANSKIN Modeling Mask application. This set already include the pink bowl, spatula, measuring spoon and the brush. Very recommended if you’re way too lazy to search for each item separately (like me), especially considering the price is pretty affordable (around $8~$9).


12. HANYUL Optimizing serum

Ah, this beauty. One of my favorite local beauty blogger raved about this HANYUL Optimizing serum. She also said that it works better on her rather than the even more pricey Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum. Curious, and because I just want to try something new aside my safe havens that is the SK-II First Treatment Essence, I decided to purchase this one.


13. IOPE Moistgen Essential Eye Cream

Because my under eye problem is so severe, I’ve always excited to try new eye creams. I know that IOPE is more famous for its cushion or toner, but I don’t know, I was just intrigued by this product and decided to put it into my basket during the Black Friday sale. It has the similar price point with Innisfree and NUXE Eye Cream that I’ve tried before, so I’m excited to try it soon.

14. BANILA CO Clean It Zero Purity

I think I just found my first love for first cleanser. After using it for a month or so, I realized that my skin prefer this cleansing balm rather than a lot of cleansing oils that I’ve tried and tested in the past. Read my thoughts about this cleansing balm here.

15. COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pads

Ah, this infamous pimple clear pads. I’ve tried a similar product a year ago from European Drug Store brand, and my oh my, did it stings bad on my skin. That is why, despite the endless raves about this particular product I’ve always hesitant to try this product. But, surprisingly it feels a lot more friendlier towards my sensitive skin. But I still have a mixed feelings towards this product, though, which is why I haven’t write a review until now. However, my Dad really love this product. I recommended it to him because he suffered from adult acne and surprisingly this product works to reduce his acne. 😀


16. HANYUL Rice Essential Skin Softner

This is one of the newer addition to my skin care routine. Still have mixed feelings towards this product though. I bought it because one or two of my favorite beauty bloggers raved about it, but…. I don’t know if I love it or not after a week. This toner has a sturdy glass bottles that screams expensive. I’m not really a fan of the fragrance of this product, but well, let’s see in a few week in my upcoming review about this HANYUL Rice Essential Skin Softner.

17. ARITAUM Fair Smile Fermentation Lip and Eye Remover

Another raved product from ARITAUM. I heard that this remover sold out in Korea a few years back because it’s cheap and works effectively to remove makeup. I’m pretty impressed with its performance, plus the scent is just like baby oil, and it didn’t stings on my eyes! Loving this product so far.


So, that’s all from my accumulative and Black Friday haul! What did you buy from Black Friday and Boxing Day? Tell me in the comment section bellow! 😀

Have a great day and happy holiday! ❤






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