On Cutesy and “The Real” Hand Creams


Oh, how I love hand creams. Maybe at this point you might already bored if I’m going to rant about my dry skin and how I need moisturizer all the time :lol:.

These days I purchased a few hand creams that had cutesy cartoon character packaging from Disney and LINE Friends, which is the Disney Japan Stores Marie & Ariel Hand Creams and MISSHA x LINE Friends Hand Creams in Mango Flower. Plus, I luckily got that L’Occitane Hand Cream (albeit in sample size) that I’ve always eyed on for free during L’Occitane’s event weeks ago :lol:.

These weird combination could explain this title’s post, no? Lol. So, yeah, I’ve always skeptical when it comes to cutesy packaged beauty products EXCEPT if they collaborated with well-known brands, you see, such as Murakami x Shu Uemura or KPalette x Alice in Wonderland or any Korean Roadshop brands that’ve been actively collaborated with any cartoon characters these days.

Well, even though I’ve already know about Missha a long time ago, but they never been known for their hand cream, and the scent that I’m aiming first is the Cotton Sheet, so really, I don’t have any expectation with this one, honestly speaking :lol:. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the review!


MISSHA x LINE Friends Hand Cream in Mango Flower

I never expect anything about it, really. Especially when I hate mango, lol. Don’t even ask me why I bought it in a first place. I just love the color combination and the packaging :lol:. But, surprisingly the scent is quite nice, something that I didn’t mind to slather in my hands. However, the texture is to liquidy to my liking, though. But well, why should I expect from a cheap and cute hand cream? 😆

Disney Stores Japan Ariel Hand Creams (Pink Grapefruit) and Marie Hand Creams (Strawberry Milk)

When I went to Japan few months ago, I literally went into every Disney Store that I’ve bumped into because my friend is a huge fans of Disney, lol. :lol I 100% purchase this because of the cute packaging. And the scent’s name seems so inviting, no? However they didn’t have any sample at the store, so I practically have no idea what are they going to smell, and if the texture of the hand cream suite to my tastes. But I just think that this is just a hand cream, how unpleasant it could be?

But, boy, that is when I was totally wrong.

I thought it would be similar with my experience with Missha x LINE Friends where the scent is pretty good, but the texture is too liquidy to my liking. But lo and behold, the scents are just to horrible. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Even its thick texture and how moisturizing it is couldn’t lessen the horrible-ness of this hand cream, seriously.

This is the time when I realized that for me personally, scent is just one of the most important thing in beauty products. Once I have this pretty good lip liquid, but because it had one of the most artificial scent ever, I’ve almost never reach it anymore.

Um, so, ok, I will try to describe the scents of both of this hand creams. First of all, the Pink Grapefruit one, smells exactly like those car’s air fresheners. If there’s one scent that I despise the most, it is a car’s air fresheners. I just hate how artificial it is. And the strawberry milk one? Not even better, seriously. I even couldn’t find a word to describe it. Just, ughhh.



L-R: L’Occitane – Missha – Disney Stores’ – Disney Stores’

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream (Sample Size)

Oooooh, this is when I realize how different is the cutesy-pacakged hand cream and the real professional one :lol:. I love how moisturizing it is, L’Occitane have the ‘right’ consistency to my liking, and I love that they don’t went overboard with the fragrance, subtle and nice. See, other brands? If you don’t have the right scent for body & bath products, just go unscented. It would make the whole experience more pleasant, really.


Will I repurchase it? For the cutesy ones, of course not. Why would I? However, for the L’Occitane one, I will wait for discounts season to buy the full sized one :lol:.

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