[REVIEW] Yves Rocher Energizing Body Lotion – Raspberry Peppermint

As a dry skin girl, I’ve always up to any body moisturizer. So, when my dearest friend that come back from France gifted me this Yves Rocher Energizing Body Lotion – Raspberry Peppermint, I was thrilled because I’ve always wanted to try their body lotion.


The pleasure of a moisturizing lotion with energizing benefits.
Does your skin need hydratation?
For the pleasure of an invigorating body care, our panel of experts, unique since 1959, has selected and combined organic and fair trade Shea butter, Peppermint essential oil (in the fragrance) and a Raspberry extract.
It leaves skin moisturized and delicately scented.
Tested under dermatological supervision.

Botanical Beauty Commitments
Botanical-based ingredients: Organic and fair trade Shea butter, Aloe vera gel from Organic Farming, Peppermint essential oil (in the fragrance) and a Raspberry extract.
This formula contains more than 97% ingredients from natural origin.
Recyclable bottle containing recycled plastic.
Ethoxyl free, mineral oil free, paraben free.


What I really love about this body lotion is not only the scent was great, it moisturize my skin very well, too! It moisturize my skin without make it sticky , and the scent lingers pretty long, so I prefer to wear it on night time because I don’t want the scent clash with my perfume.

Nevertheless, I love the scent, it’s not sickeningly sweet, and lifted up my mood every time I wear it.


Will I repurchase it? Probably! I really have tons of moisturizer from another brand that I wanted to try :lol:. However, if I’m going to repurchase it, I’d probably buy another scent because I wanted to explore more scent from Yves Rocher.

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