Why you should take cosmetic’s shelf-life seriously

Several years ago, when the media bombarded us how we should throw away our mascara(s) after 6 months, and take cosmetic’s shelf-life seriously, some said that it was just a marketing ploy from cosmetics company to make us, customers, to buy more products from them. But, is it?

Honestly speaking, I’ve never took cosmetic’s shelf-life that seriously, except for skin care products. I treat skin care products almost like food; because it is “the food for our skin”, isn’t it? It’s in direct contact to our body, I believe that it could affect our blood circulation,  digestive systems, etc, etc; just like regular food that we ate everyday.

But, make-up… I think unless it’s a base makeup such as foundation and primer, I rarely throw it away according to the shelf life unless the texture of the product already change (harden, change in color and smells, and such).

But, boy, how I was so wrong…


So it happened several weeks ago, when I wanted to try (after countless failures) 60’s makeup again. To achieve that dolly eyes looks, I need to wear false eyelashes (which I rarely wear because 1) I’m not pro at it, and 2) I think false lashes require high maintenances). At first, my eyes feels uncomfortable, but I guess it was because the falsies was more “heavy” than the one that I used to wear, because it aimed for dolly eyes.

And it hits me when I remove my makeup. It was the first time I tried the Muji Cotton Sheet, and I think I put too much remover on it, so, the remover practically drenched on my eyes, because the cotton sheet surprisingly only require you to put little amount of product (perks of raved Japanese cotton sheet, eh?). But my eyes feels overwhelmingly uncomfortable even if I already remove all of my eye makeup: eyeliners, eyelash glue, shadows, concealers, etc.

And it never happened before. 

My eyes still feels uncomfortable, like a lot of things poking my eyes and ohmygod the redness… I was such a fool, too. I forgot to stock up my prescribe eye drops.

I think it was nonsense to blame my remover or the cotton, because they were relatively new. And then, it hits me.

It was the eyelash glue. 



I was following Lamuqe’s method on how to put falsies easily because it really helped me; but it’s not the first time I was trying this method. So, I think it’s not the method’s fault. But the culprit was the eyelash glue!!!!!!!!

I have to admit that despite I rarely use the eyelash glue, (maybe 6 times a year max), I bought it maybe from 1,5 years ago……. And then I found out that eyelash glue’s shelf life is 3-6 months max. 

So, don’t wait until some disaster happened to you, throw away your expired cosmetics asap!!!!! Especially when it involved your more crucial parts: eyes and mouth. Seriously, you won’t like it when you learn it in the hard way… *sigh*. The infection will be no joke, and it would be much expensive to treat your infectious area rather than to buy a new product, seriously.

Lesson learned. 

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