[REVIEW] ADDICTION By Ayako Lipstick Sheer #007 Desert Rose


Ever since my favorite blogger raved about this brand, I’ve always wanted to try ADDICTION By Ayako’s product. Especially when I found out that the founder of this brand is NARS‘ former creative director. As I’ve always amazed by NARS‘ products myself, of course I also wanted to try this one! šŸ˜€

I’m pretty sure that the chic black minimalist packaging, the wording logo, and the whole conceptĀ from the brand itself will reminds you of NARS. But really, I think it can’t be helped because she’s been influenced with the brand herself, and I guess there’s a reason why she choose the whole concept for her own brand, ADDICTION.


Okay, let’s move on to the sheer lipstick. I noticed that a lot of people raved about their lip & cheek and blush line. However, since I’ve had too many blush in my cabinet now, I think it will be save if I try their lipstick line first. After some confusing-japanese-only moment at their store, finally I choose thisĀ Lipstick Sheer #007 in Desert Rose.

The packaging is chic and sleek with their brand logo in the cap. Not really ground breaking, though, but still it have this “expensive” feels when you carry it.


I choose this shade because I think it will be great for daily use. But it turned out when I applied it on my lips the colour is a really MLBB type, and too sheer for my liking. Well, I should pick brighter or vampy colour, eh?Ā 

However, I like the formula, and I think it will be the best for touch up after mealĀ because sometimes I can’t be bothered to re-apply my matte lipstick in the mid-day. šŸ˜‰


Overall, I think the lipstick sheer is okay-lah. Although the formula and packaging aren’t the most groundbreaking whatsoever, but they performed as they advertised. Curious about their other products, though. Maybe in the future I will research more about their products before coming to their counter ;-).

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