Cleansing Game Going Strong?

Or… is it?


By the title (and my remarks) alone I’m pretty sure that you will wonder what is going wrong with these duo, the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil that I reviewed a while ago and the Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip that been raved in Asian Beauty Community.

Well, this is maybe a review to Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip or maybe simply my rants about what is these duo been doing to my skin. But, didn’t I wrote that I’ve been liking the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil so far?


Now, I have to be honest that within its first use, I felt that my face feel tight when I use the Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip. Sign of high pH cleanser and/or SLS ingredients for me. But seeing that this particular cleanser don’t have SLS on their ingredient list, I guess it’s just the pH-8(!!!) that been doing wrong to me.

However, the first week I’ve been using this, I guess the Silcot Uru Uru Moisturizing Cotton did help me A LOT because I didn’t felt any dryness and breakout afterwards. But sadly, after I start to add DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, that was the beginning of disaster.


My highest concern about cleansing oil in general is how my second cleanser will remove all the residue from the first cleanser. Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip does its job pretty well in that department. It removes all the dirt and oil, while the DHC Cleansing Oil compensate in moisturizing department because I don’t feel the tightness anymore after I start to adding it to my skincare regime.

However, after I forgot where I put my Holy Grail Silcot Uru Uru Moisturizing Cotton and I started to use regular cotton, this is when the real disaster happen. I felt my skin more dry, nearly dehydrated, and the application of toner is not as smooth as before. Two days after that, I started to see whiteheads all over my face. OKAY. This is when I stopped. This is when I realized that I can’t continue to use Shisedo Senka Perfect Whip as my daily cleanser anymore.


Because, let’s be real here: I can’t continue to rely on Silcot Uru Uru Moisturizing Cotton, because it’s not available outside Japan. Unless I’m moving to Japan or the product being sold in my country (AMEN!), I have to avoid this cleanser for daily use. Let’s just hope that it will do any good for me as a weekly deep cleanse or something like that.

So, what about the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil? I guess I have to experiment with another second cleanser to see if its a good product or not. But, really, not in the near future, because I have to recover my skin condition first.

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