[EMPTIES] The Body Shop Shea Butter & Coconut Hand Cream

To so many women out there, hand cream is a must have on their purse. Especially if they have dry hands and/or if they always do their own dishes. Sometimes the moisture in regular body cream is not as moisten as the hand cream. Well, although not all of hand cream offers the same result, at least they expected to be ‘more’ than just a mere body cream, right?


These hand creams are my first hand cream that I’ve ever try. Intrigued by L’Occitane‘s expensive price, I want to try more affordable hand cream first, hence the reason I chose The Body Shop’s hand cream in the end.

This tropical Coconut and caring Shea daily hand creams helps soften and protect hands with light, nutty moisture. The instantly absorbing formula is ideal for on-the-go hydration. 

  • Non-greasy moisture 
  • Wonderfully light gel-cream formula 
  • Absorbs instantly 


The main reason why I choose the Coconut one simply because it smells ah-ma-zing! I really love the smell of it, with a hint of vanilla, coconut, but not too overpowering. While the Shea butter one have a subtle scent, like regular creams in general. I really like the texture and finish, too. While I’ve never do any research about them, I’d like to think that they have similar ingredients because both of them left the same impression to me: the formula moist enough for my dry hands, not greasy and sticky, yet with a nice subtle scent.


Overall, I really like this hand cream! I would give it 4/5. I will repurchase The Body Shop’s hand cream, but maybe, I want to try the Almond Hand Cream next, because I heard that it is their staple and best selling one! 🙂

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