[REVIEW] Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton (Uru Uru Cotton)

I already heard about the greatness of Japanese cotton for so long ago. But, when I purchased Shiseido Cotton (I don’t know which specific ones, tho) in 2014, I felt that cotton is just felt like the usual cotton I’ve always use back at home.

But, when I run out of my cotton in my recent trip to Tokyo, I went to nearest pharmacy and ask for cotton, and after lots of body language and fail Japanese, the staff gave me this Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton (Uru Uru Cotton). Thinking that it would be expensive than regular cotton and all, I compared it to another cotton and it turned out that they have the same price ranges. So, without any hesitation I bought this cotton mostly because of emergency, lol.


Frankly, I don’t have any expectation with this product, even with its No. 1 @cosme title. Maybe because I had an okay experience with the Shiseido Cotton, and also because in my country, Unicharm mostly sold sanitary products, lololol.


Within its first uses, I felt that this cotton didn’t give me the slight exfoliation that common cotton usually gave me. (Although I can’t say if this cotton isn’t give me any exfoliation at all, but still). It makes my toner swipe wonderfully smooth in my face. And I noticed that I only need the slightest amount of my toner with this cotton, which is surely something for me because I practically always need to drenched my trusted SK-II Clear Lotion or Menard Tsukika Moist Lotion, which is not exactly cheap, to any kind of cotton before this.


See? The level of absorption are lower with another cotton, but with this one, you won’t need to throw away your precious liquid of gold expensive toner to sink meaninglessly to the cotton.

I saw Yeondukong Tokyo Haul video after I went home and she said that it is one of her must buy from Tokyo. I couldn’t agree more! 


The product made from non-woven fabric cover that felt sooooo smooth and rather springy when touched. They said that you could use this product for Chizu Saeki Mask method. But, even though I’ve never tried it with this mask when I write this review, I could say that it would work wonderfully!

When I researched more about this particular product, I saw that Unicharm also released another hit cotton product which is the Silcot Touch Cotton that hold the 2016 @cosme No. 1 ranking. I asked my friends that still in Japan to bought it for me, but she said that she found this Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton (Uru Uru Cotton) instead, lol. Seeing that mine is running out fast, I couldn’t ask for more eh? 😆


I hope I could try the Silcot Touch Cotton in the near future! 😀


I would give this product 5/5, a definite Holy Grail item for me!! 🙂

So, lesson learned: Never doubt Japanese raved product. If you want to buy something from Japanese drugstore, if you want to experience the best, buy the “@cosme No. 1 ranking” instead of some random product, lol. 😆

10 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton (Uru Uru Cotton)

  1. Lovely review! Totally agree with everything you said. I love everything about this cotton as well. It is shocking how little product you need. Just wish that there was a little bit more in each box. 🙂


    1. Thank you :). Yeah, it’s kinda pricey for the little amount of cottons in each box (but the product itself is life changing, so I’m not gonna complain, lol) :lol:. I wish that this product is easily available everywhere outside Japan, though!

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