[REVIEW] Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar


I think the lip gradation trend is not going anywhere yet, especially with anyone that love Korean make up. The Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar is not a newcomer either, it’s just me that way too late to try this interesting products, lol.


Two different colors meet and complete Two Tone Lip Bar!
And Two Tone Shadow Bar completes professional gradation makeup with a single touch


New Two Tone Lip Bar. Newly upgraded with Two Tone Color X Two Tone Texture
It gives glamorously sparkling Two Tone Lip, as if gloss was applied on top of Two Tone gradation makeup. Meet moisturized and glamorous lips tinted with Two Tone gradation.

So, the idea of this product is to make lip gradation on one easy swipe. Traditionally, if you want to achieve lip gradation look, you have to use two different lipstick color. But with this product, you could swipe it on your lips, dab it to make it look natural, and you’re good to go.

I have to say that their color selection is way too Korean, lol. No muted color because Korean likes their lip products to have bright corally color, because they like to make their lips looked healthy. hence the reason why their best selling shades are the corally orangey one, like the Orange Blurring or Juicy Pop.


I choose #4 Milk Blurring, #11 Juicy Pop, and #8 Neon Juice from the overwhelming color selection. But really, I bought the Neon Juice one because I mistakenly thought that it was the best selling Juicy Pop one :lol:. But surprise, surprise, it turned out that my favorite one is the Neon Juice! Unlike what I thought earlier, the color is not that neon, in fact it could be use as everyday color because it looks so pretty.

For the Juicy Pop one, I bought it 80% because of the Descendant of the Sun hype. Song Hye Gyo really pulled it off on the drama (although I’m pretty sure it’s just because she’s so pretty already, lol). I just tought that the color is okay. But I personally think that if you want to achieve the gradation lip looks easier, choose for Milk Blurring or Orange Blurring, because their white base help you to have the Korean gradation looks.


However, for the cons of this product, I think if you like matte looks, you will be disappointed because with this product, it’s hard to make it. Because, if you use the classic blotting technique to make it matte, because of the product is glossy and moist, it will remove almost all of the pigment from the product. The staying power is not really the best, either. But, it’s really easy to reapply the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar because the formula is really forgiving on your lips and it won’t get patchy at the end of the day.

Is it worth it? If you count the interesting concept, pretty packaging, and if you dig these bright colors, I would say, purchase it! But if you’re into western looks, I would say pass, because this product is really made for the Korean make up trend market.

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