Tokyo Haul 2016

I finally got back from one of my favorite city, Tokyo! :-D. So, unlike my previous trip few years ago, I had more preparation and list on my hand to avoid regret of not buying recommended things when I got back to Jakarta. I watched and read tons of Japanese beauty youtubers and bloggers before make my own list on what I should buy and shouldn’t buy. So, after few trips to local Tomod’s, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, DonKi and department stores, here’s what I got during my short trip! 😀


1.Sana Nameraka Honpo Wrinkle Eye Cream

My very first purchase in Tomod’s, because I didn’t expect that my NUXE Prodigieux Eye Contour will be running out during my first days in Japan. God knows how hard it was to picked up Eye Cream from local drugstore because I can’t read Japanese!!! 😥

Thank God I screen captured all of things that I wanted to buy and picked this one that I assumed had the closest packaging to my list (which turned out it seems like they changed their pakcaging a bit, but I had the same brand anyway!!). So far I’m liking the eye cream. Will write a review about it soon! 🙂

2. Mote Liner Liquid Takumi

When in Japan, believe in “No. 1” anything because more often than not it turned out to be true! It’s not just a marketing ploy, guysss, I guess at a certain point and time they did reach No. 1 ranking, lol. This particular eyeliner, however, is a “must buy” eyeliner in every blog that I visited. So, as an eyeliner addict that always think that Japanese eyeliner has the best formula, it’s a no brainer for me to snatch this one.

3. KAO Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask

Everyone, I repeat everyone recommended this hot eye mask in their Japanese drugstore recommendation. This KAO Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask also been well advertised in Japan when I was there, and this product always in the front store in every drugstore that I went to. Hmm, let’s see what’s the deal with this eye mask, shall we?

4. Mote Mascara Brown

I guess I bought the wrong mascara from Mote Mascara, lol. But let’s see how it will perform!

5. Daiso Blending Puff

Korean youtuber always raved about Daiso Blending Puff. I don’t know if Japan and Korean’s Daiso produce the same product or not… but since Daiso originated from Japan, let’s hope it will be good!

6. Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow, 04 Natural Brown

When I was in Japan in 2014, this particular eyebrow mascara held the #1 ranked in Matsumoto Kiyoshi, and I am amazed by how this eyebrow mascara held the same ranking two years in a row! So, I just had to buy it to prove it by myself ;-).


7. Nivea Skin Milk

I forgot to bring my body milk with me, and because I can’t find any other ~fancy~ body moisturizer near my friend’s apartment, I had to buy this one. Well, it has different texture and consistency than the one in Indonesia, though.

8. Kyusoku Jikan Cooling Leg Pad 

Just like the KAO Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask, everyone in Japan recommend this cooling leg pad. I bought the smaller packaging first, and wow this product is revolutionary! It removes all your leg pains, yet without the unpleasant medicated smells. It smells so fragrant!

9. Daiso Wedges Sponge

I bought it simply because it’s cheap, lol.

10. Shiseido Perfect Whip Foaming Cleanser

Also everyone’s holy grail. Let’s see if it performs good.

11. Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

This one is Cult Japanese favorite cleansing product, together with DHC Cleansing Oil and FANCL Powder Wash, I guess. Since I’ve never try powder wash before, I personally think that this product is interesting.

12. K-palette 24h Real Lasting Eyeliner Pencil & Brush #Black

I initially search for the K-palette pencil eyeliner but I can’t find it, so I decided to buy this one.


13. 1 DAY CHARGE Cleopatra Gold Hydro Gel Mask

I knowww, I know, I said that I will no longer use sheet mask in the near future because of this issue. But I decided to trust Japanese sheet mask because I believe that they (hopefully) made it in factory. I’m also curious to try the hydro gel trend!

14. K-palette 24h Real Lasting Eyeliner Alice in Wonderland Edition #Brown Black

Bought it because the packagingggg! Also there is nothing wrong to stock up highly raved Japanese eye liner, no? Lol.

15. Clear Turn Babyish Precious Oil-in-Milky Mask Plumping 

Bought it out of curiosity and it seems like it’s also Japanese’s girl favorite! Hmm, they tend to love the turn to baby concept, I guess?

16. Shiseido SENKA Perfect Double Wash Foaming Cleanser

It’s seems like it’s the newer version of the Perfect Whip Foaming Cleaner.

17. Hada Labo Gokujyun PREMIUM Lotion

HIGHLY highly advertised during my trip. Also, I love Hada Labo products in general, so I decided to purchase it!


18. Lululun Precious White Rich Moisturizing Face Mask

19. Lululun Precious Red Rich Moisturizing Face Mask

Bought these two because they both are the “Anti Ageing” Lululun Mask. Hopefully it works better than the regular one!

20. Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Super WP Mascara

Another cult’s favorite. Bought it because of that reason AND because it had Pilot FriXion Pen as gift with purchase, lol.

21. D.U.P Eyelashes Fixer EX

Bought it because it’s my favorite blogger’s favorite eyelash glue everr. Also, they had really funny advertisement, lol.

22. K-palette 24h Real Lasting Eyeliner #Black

When everyone swears by K-Palette’s eyeliner, I always went directly to my trustee Dolly Wink Eyeliner. But this time I want to see if it’s perform better.

23. FANCL Facial Washing Powder

Also cult’s favorite. I guess I bought too many cleansing products??? Lol.


24. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

ALSO cult’s favorite. As I never had good experience with cleansing oil. Let’s see if the cult’s favorite will work for me.

25. NARS Blush #4033 Sex Appeal

Because a lot of Korean youtubers seems to love it, like Bambigirl and Meejmuse, I decided to buy it because I always wanted to try NARS blusher but I think their best selling Orgasm is too much for me. So far I’m liking it! 😀

26. KATE Powderless Liquid Foundation #BE-C

A lot of Korean youtubers also love it. But I’m a little bit afraid that it will be to drying for my skin, well, let’s see!

27. ADDICTION By Ayako Lipstick Sheer #007 Desert Rose

I’ve always wanted to buy ADDICTION By Ayako products! I’m kinda confused of what to choose, so I decided to buy this lipstick that I thought will be great for daily use.

 28. Disney Store Hand Cream Ariel #Grapefruit

29. Disney Store Hand Cream Marie #Peach

Bought it because it’s so cuteeeee and smells pretty good too. I don’t know yet if it perform good enough as hand cream, nevertheless I just want to buy them because it’s cute, tho, lol.

I forgot to include Dolly Wink Eyeliner, Silcot Uru-Uru Sponge Finish Cotton, and  Jo Malone’s Blackberry & Bay when I took the picture. :-P. But so far, I’m sooo loving them!

Well, that’s it for my beauty hauls from Tokyo, I regret not buying the Sana Nameraka Lotion because I just found out that it’s also cult’s favorite in Japanese 😥 . I initially wanted to buy Kylie Jenner’s favorite foundation, Koh Gen Do, but I’m glad I decided not to buy it because I had way too many foundation at the moment.

Do you have your favorite products above? Please leave your comments bellow! 😀

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