[REVIEW] BLP Beauty Lip Coat

Almost everyone in Indonesia have been captivated by this particular lip products since its launched. Lizzie Parra, the instagram-famous-Make Up Artist that have so many title under her belt had successfully released her newest brain child, BLP Beauty several months ago and since then their Lip Coat constantly sold out within minutes every time they restocked it. As fenomenal as KYLIE Cosmetic’s Lip Kit, no?


Even though it was pretty tempting to get all the colours available, I finally only bought colours that I think that I will wear the most, Butter Fudge and Burnt Cinnamon because I already have too many lippen in my drawer (how fluttering, let’s see if I got more lipstick in the future).

The packaging is so pretty, with the pretty affordable price which is IDR 129.000, I think they make the packaging beautifully and makes it looked simple but expensive with the calculated placement of the logo and I love the frosted finish of the lipstick tube!

I love love love the texture of these Lip Coat! They reminds me a lot of Ofra Liquid Lipstick. You only need the lightest swipe of it, and  voila, you already got the same pigmentation to the colour from the packaging. They are highly pigmented, not drying, and even if it transfers, if fades beautifully in your lips. When I feel like Burnt Cinnamon is way too dark for me (well, most of the time), I will use it for gradation lips together with Butter Fudge as a base. It looks pretty with blotting techniques, too, you will get that beautiful stain-y kind of colours.


As for the Butter Fudge, I really loved to use it for daily basis. It’s a nude everyday color that is friendly for Asian skin tone. Sometimes nude colour from western brand will washed out my face, but this one *Thank God* not make me like a sick person.

Overall, I am really impressed by how Lizzie Parra and her team make such a great product. I hope they will released a lot of exciting new products in the future, such as eyeshadow palette, etc!

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