[EMPTIES] BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream

This BB Cream is such a comfort zone for me. I love it sooooo much in the past. So, when I found it again amongst my other makeup (I nearly forgot about its existence, really, lol 😆 ); when try to use it again, I remember all the reason why I really love it in the first place!


I bought it in 1+1 deal back in Seoul two years ago, and I’ve finished all the tubes within approximately 2 years because I rotate it with other cushion foundation/foundation within those time. But if I use it all alone, I think it will be gone by 6 months per tube. I remember  exactly when I squeezed my first tube dry, my friend asked me,“Is it that good?? You really make the effort to squeeze out that nearly empty products!”

What I really love about the product is, it has medium coverage, have a lot of anti-ageing ingredients, easy to blend with, and even if it’s only have one shade just like the other older generation BB Creams, it matched my skin perfectly. Sometimes it does feel heavy, though if you went overboard, and if you have oily skin maybe you will ended up with greasy face in the middle of the day, but really, it’s not something that blotting paper won’t fix.


Will I repurchase it? Considering that this is probably the best BB Cream that I’ve ever tried, probably! But since there are a lot of new inventions and new interesting base make up that I’ve wanted to try, maybe not in the near future. But if I have the access to buy BRTC products, maybe I will try BRTC Cushion Foundation. Let’s see! 🙂



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