[FIRST IMPRESSION] Make Up For Ever’s Face & Body Foundation and STEP 1 Skin Equalizer Smoothing Primer

Maybe all beauty junkie out there will probably notice that this old formula Face & Body Foundation already discontinue because Make Up For Ever revamped the packaging and formula into the all new Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation that recently released. But here’s the thing. I realised that people have more praises towards the old one, so since the nearest store from my place still have the old Face & Body Foundation, I snatched it right away before it’ll be gone forever.

As for the STEP 1 Skin Equalizer Primer, MUFE released an overwhelming range of STEP 1 Skin Equalizer Primer a while ago, and I have my eye on their hydrating and smoothing one. But since a lot of people seems to love the smoothing one a lot, I decided to give it a try first.


Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation #38 Pink Porcelain

This is one of the whitest shade from the range, and I questioning the BA wether the shade that she picked for me would be not to white for my skin as I am probably in NC 20-25 at most. But she said that the foundation will be sheer though, so I will not be looking like a ghost. The ivory one would be too pink for me, and the other shade would be too dark for me. Umm…. okay. I hope it will matched me perfectly since the price for this foundation ain’t cheap.

The texture of the foundation is rather weird, it need to be shaken up well, because the content will be separated and not even. However, even if I shake it pretty well, the texture still be weird and uneven 😆 ; and I’m hesitating a lot, would be this foundation will do any good for my complexion???

I’m already aware that you need foundation or buffing brush to put this foundation because the texture is too watery and if you use sponge, it will soak up your foundation entirely. The thing is, I’m not too fond of any face brush in that matter. So, based on Lisa Eldridge’s tutorial, I learn that according her, your fingers is one of the greatest tools to apply face and body foundation. And it worked!

To put it quite honestly, I am pretty impressed by how this foundation applied to my face. It’s the true definition of your skin but better kind of foundation. It will even up your skin tone, but it won’t cover major acne, though, since it’s only have a sheer to medium coverage. But it will make your skin looked healthy and even if you layer it up, you won’t feel cakey at all.

It didn’t dry out my skin, but at the middle of day I notice that my T-zone was a bit oily, but still, it’s not something that blotting paper and a little powder won’t fix. I’m quite fond of the dewy finish of the foundation, too. So, all in all, I could see how a lot of people, even my favorite beauty youtuber, Kathleenlights, swear by this foundation!



Make Up For Ever STEP 1 Skin Equalizer Smoothing Primer

It’s one of the most best selling primer from MUFE beside the Mattifying Primer. It’s supposed to smoothing your complexion, hides pores, and any skin texture in that matter. My very first try with this primer is rather blotchy. Maybe because I put Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50/PA+++ beforehand. I forgot that the sunscreen worked as primer too, so by the next try, I put another sunscreen and then put the Smoothing Primer properly.

This is a kind of primer that you need to put only a tiny amount to your entire face. Because if you overdo it, it would get very blotchy. Honestly I am expecting the texture would be like Smashbox Primer, the silicony kind of thing. But the texture of this primer is rather similar to Benefit Porefessional.

It worked okay, I guess as a smoothing primer. But when I paired it up with MUFE’s Face & Body Foundation it worked wonderfully. It smoothing your pores, your skin texture, anything that they claimed. But you really need to put control within the application, because I feel like the application of the primer is rather tricky.



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