[EMPTIES] Labello Lip Butter Raspberry Rose & Nivea Lip Butter Cocoa

As a self-proclaimed beauty enthusiast, when I went to overseas, the first thing that I looked for would be the local drugstore, the beauty corner in the department store, Sephora, or  any other places that sold makeup and skin care :lol:. Well, at least it was what happened last year when I went to Germany.

Long story short, I went to local super market and drugstore to looked for lip balm, because I running out of one, and I purchased the Labello Lip Butter Raspberry at that time. And in just one or two weeks after I bought the lip butter, Nivea launched their Lip Butter with very similar packaging and flavours with the Labello one in Indonesia. So, I did  my research and it turned out that in Europe, Nivea is under Labello :lol:. So, they basically the same product all along.


In terms of consistency, it definitely “the butter” for your lips. It’s not waxy, glides smoothly, and a little goes along the way. It moisturised my lips pretty well, even under any kind of lipstick, although after meals I have to reapply because my lips always been that way because it’s always on the dry side. But if I apply it at night, in the morning my lips would be well moisturised!

Honestly I found that I like these lip butter more than my other lip balms because I feel that they made my lips well-moisturised longer than any product that I’ve ever tried so far (But I think I have to mention that at that time I have zero experience with NUXE Rêve de Miel so I can’t compare).


For the scent, I think the Raspberry Rose smell like bubble gum or candy, it’s smells just okayy, but for the Cocoa one, even if during the first uses I loved the scent so much —because it’s just smell like cocoa!!! — more often that not I found the smell overwhelming and sickening, lol. But thank God after a few minutes the smell is gone every time I applied it.

Will I repurchase it? Probably! Especially because the teensy little tub goes for approximately 6 months and it’s cheap, and it’s working for me, so what’s not to love?


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