[EMPTIES] Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty vs. The Bath Box’s Sugar Cleanser

This is such a long overdue post that I keep forget to write, lol.

OK so I want to compare this product because initially I thought that Sugar Cleanser is The Bath Box’s attempt to make dupe for Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty because of the brand’s reputation (at least for me) to be the local version of Lush. But boy, how I was wrong, because if I want to compare, I should comparing Lush’s Herbalism and Sugarnot the Mask of Magnaminty one. But because I didn’t have Herbalism with me, I think it will be better to write separate breakdown reviews instead of comparing them to each other.


Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty

I honestly initially wanted to buy BB Seaweed mask because I’ve tried the samples and surprisingly it was soothing my ultra sensitive skin in that moment. But after a few considerations; mostly because BB Seaweed have to be in fridge’s temperature and not travel friendly, I decided to buy Mask of Magnaminty because it seems that this mask was probably the only mask from Lush that easier to travel with.

But despite my constant impulsive buying (lol), I also already research for positive and negative reviews regarding this mask. But I get convinced easily when one of my favourite youtuber, Kathleenlights that I believe have the similar skin condition to mine, love this mask.

The mask itself have pale green colour. If you already try clay mask before, I would say that they have pretty similar texture. The thing that I love about this mask is, the tingling sensation when you wear it because of the peppermint oil in the list of their ingredients and it smells like mint too! I think the smell is divine, but I think for people that have sensitive issue towards scents in their skin care or simply do not like the smell of mint should be aware of this.

For the results, though, I think it was just “okay”. I did not “wow”-ed me whatsoever, but I think it works fine as a deep cleanser and it didn’t break me out, but I think it’s not something extraordinary that I would love to repurchase.


The Bath Box’s Sugar Cleanser

This local brand surely have a good marketing strategy that made me keep wanting to try their products even if most of them did not work for me, lol. And, I really really should put more attention in the ingredients list on their website before I made my purchases.

According to The Bath Box’s website, in order to use it you should take adequate amount, put in the palm of your hand. Add a little water and mix. Then apply to face, massage over the face and wait 2-3 minutes, rinse off with water afterward.

See? The instruction and the texture of the products really seems familiar with Lush’s Herbalism, you can watch here if you want to know more about Herbalism.

After I learnt my lesson in the past regarding trying new products, I was truly cautious when I first trying this product. Yes, I felt the relaxing sensation when I use Sugar because of the essential oils and green tea, and my skin felt more plumped and all, just like what they advertised; however, I got a zits or two in the morning every time I used Sugar. After my third use, I checked the ingredients list and ta-da! It contains tea tree oil that I am allergic to. After the realisation, I used Sugar as a body scrub. It works well, but I really couldn’t stand it when I have to wait 15 minutes in the shower, ha-ha.



So, here are the break down of the similarities and things that I love and I don’t like towards both products:


  1. Both have deep cleansing purposes.
  2. Clay based.
  3. Can be use as face and body cleansers and/or scrub.
  4. Both have ~natural~ ingredients

What I love about the products:

  1. The scent! Although they have different scents, but I’m quite fond of the relaxing scent of both products.
  2. Make skin pretty smooth afterwards.

What I don’t like about the products: 

  1. The shelf life of both products are too short! (One month for Sugar and 4 months for Mask of Magnaminty)
  2. I truly hated it when I have to wait 15 minutes when I used them as a body scrub lol, sometimes I just clean it right away 😆




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