Thoughts on Korean Sheet Masks Scandal

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock or simply not aware yet, there are unhygienic issue regarding Korean Sheet Mask that always been loved by skin care enthusiast, especially Asian Beauty enthusiast on which you can read here; or here if you interested to read further analysis and discussion towards the issue.


I personally in love with Korean sheet masks, although I have to admit that not all of sheet mask in the market suit my preference or my skin’s needs. There are times where I religiously use sheet mask everyday especially when my skin suffer from horrible dehydration, and they surely help my skin condition.

However, as much as I love sheet masks, I also have to admit that I once found a hair inside my packaged sheet mask; from a brand that I trust nonetheless. Trust me, it feels as gross as you found a hair or disgusting insects in your food. But at that time I choose to ignore that gross fact and try to believe that it was just my imagination, lol :lol:.


But when I found out about this issue, especially when Korean high-end brand, Sulwhasoo, and the super best selling sheet mask brand, Mediheal (which I love very very much!) involved in the scandal, I feel like this issue should not be ignored and buried right away.  The thing is, if the scandal hits even the higher end brand under the biggest cosmetics company in South Korea, the same thing would be happened to the other brands under the company; or even to every other brands in the market.

Most of the skin care enthusiast that I know mostly have hygiene issue, because they believe that even the smallest contact from their night cream tubes to their own fingers  could bring germs that will make them break out. Even most of K-beauty products invented their own spatula because of this problem. So, imagine if the sheet mask that you paid expensively being produced in such a unhygienic way???


I honestly do not understand why Koreans overlooked this problem (or it could be the company paid the media to buried the scandal immediately); but I am really really hesitant to wear sheet masks that’s been settle in my drawer since the scandal broke out, let alone to buy a newer one.


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