Missha x LINE Friends M Magic Cushion Moisture Review

I know it’s a little bit late to review this cushion, but I need a lot more time to use this product for daily basis to see the quality of it. So….. even though the LINE Friends Edition already discontinued, you can always purchase this cushion because Missha always have this cushion in the regular packaging lol.


As a LINE users, of course this collaboration draw my attention a lot. They have a lot of collaboration products beside BB Cushion; such as the facial foam, blusher, lip tint, hand cream, mascara, etc. But I decided only to buy products that I will use the most: BB Cushion, 4D Mascara, and the hand cream.

Honestly, it’s a lot more trickier to choose the right BB Cushion for combination-dehydrated skin. More often than not, even though the cushion product claim to have dewy finish or moisturizing effect, most of the cushion products out there does not offer enough moisture for dehydrated skin. Most of them will make the T-zone of combination skin will get oilier by the day but also sucked out the moisture and leave the skin feels tight in the mid-day. So, when there are the “moisture” version of a BB Cushion beside the regular one, I will always choose the moisture version; because I’d rather blot my face instead of touch up my skin care and make up in the mid-day.

And thank God the Sally cushion lives up to its promise! My skin feels nice through out the day, even though the lack of oil control is unavoidable, especially in humid country like Indonesia. So, it will be better if you always bring your blotting paper and translucent powder in your pouch!


When it comes to the packaging, of course this is one of the cutest cushion that I’ve ever owned! The Sally’s face that printed in the cushion’s case and air puff bring a whole new level of cuteness. The main material of the case is plastic; well for some people they might think the material make the product look cheap, but the product itself is so cheap (around $12, with refill and additional puff included!), so you really could not ask for more.


I have the shade #23 because a lot of people said that the shade in Missha M Cushion are whiter than the majority of BB Cushion shade in South Korea. I compared the shade to my Hera UV Mist Cushion Cover in #23 and Laneige Snow BB Cushion in #13, the Missha M Cushion is more in the yellow undertone. But honestly, the Missha’s shade was oxidised a lot. It took me around 5 minutes to get the proper photo for shade comparison above, and initially the Missha’s shade were lighter than the Hera one. However, in just 5 minutes the shade noticeably went darker.


Nevertheless, the #23 suit me well and I noticed that it offer a slight more coverage rather than the other cushion foundation. Although if you put it more than one layer it may look heavy on the skin. The coverage is enough for daily use, it covers redness and minor discolouration. All in all, I give this cushion 3.5 out of 5.

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