Current Empties (and Faves!)

I’ve tried and tested quite a lot of products since 2015, and sadly, a few of them showing reactions to my skin, or stings so much; that I just decided to stop using it after a couple of uses. So, emptying a product means two things for me; either that product works wonder, or simply works so-so on my skin.

  1. Etude House’s AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot


M-a-j-o-r loooove! After a year, I finally finished up my first tiny bottle of this particular Pink Powder Spot. The same with other brand’s Pink Powder Spot, it’s a spot treatment that worked to minimize your pimples quickly. Your pimple may gone overnight, but at least it showed significance to minimize your primples. Even though I haven’t tried other brand’s Pink Powder Spot yet, I think this product can be considered as a dupe for Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion and ENCA Acne Drying Pinky Powder.

2. Bioré Makeup Remover For Eye & Lip


This is my second bottle and maybe looking at the photo it’s not empty yet (and whyyyyy is it so hard for the camera to focus at the brand name??) , but I’m pretty sure when this post is published, it’s going to be empty, lol. I’m not really picky about makeup remover, honestly, but this product does remove any waterproof makeup without any trace, does not sting, and does not leave any grease feeling after we use it (which, a lot of oily based makeup remover totally does it). Although at the first time I thought that this product might be gone too fast considering the size, but surprisingly, it’s not!

3. SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion


As I’ve said a thousand times before, this is my true love! Little did I know back then, that a toner could improve your skin condition. Well, it does and it works so well, at least for me. This is my nth empty bottles, and I think, even though a part of me die a little bit every time I have to repurchase it because of the expensive price tag, I will keep using it until I find another great hydrating toner.

4. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner


I initially bought this toner when I thought my skin was oily type, so of course it worked to lessen up the oil in your skin. But, at that time I used a lot of exfoliating products that my skin become sooo dry and I’ve decided to stop using this product. But months later when I felt like my skin was going better, I decided to use this toner again, and…. it’s just meh, I think. It didn’t improve; nor show any bad reaction to my skin. I love the scent, though. And, it might be worked so-so on me, but it could be oily skin’s favourite.


Current Favorite Things<3


Bath & Body Works Scented Candle White Barn: Praline Pecan Cobbler

LOVE at the first scent!<3<3<3. I’ve always wanted to collect scented candles, but the smaller one that I bought (not from BBW) always have a quite subtle scent, and when Bath and Body Works opened up their first store in Indonesia, the price was crazy highhhh, they marked up their price so much, I guess. And when I found out that they opened up a discount store specifically for their old stock at Gandaria City, I couldn’t be more excited! All of the scented candles were fifty discount off. Even though I contemplating myself a lot, because, as my friend said, it is still expensive for just a scented candle, I still bought one anyway, and want to buy more in the future.


Herborist Body Butter Banana with Shea Butter

It was a random find, really. I was doing monthly errand, and suddenly this things popped up. With random brand that I’ve never heard of, and with unusual scent for a local product. Since I love the scent of desserts and delicious fruit such as banana, I absolutely hooked when I found this product. It is considerably cheap for a body butter, and it’s a perfect go-to size. The texture was quite nice, and the scent is heavenly. But…. I don’t know when will I fed up with this scent, since I already fed up with the scent of Nivea Cocoa Lip Butter in just a month, lol.

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