A little bit of Skin Care Talk

Hello! It’s been quite a while, no? (If you count it, it’s been more than a year, lol).

Early 2015-2016 was such an experiment on skin care for me; results of following a lot of beauty bloggers, beauty youtubers, beauty forums, and other beauty influencers, I guess. And no, I wouldn’t blame them if any of the products that they recommend broke me out, or simply didn’t work out for me. Because in the end, you will realise that every person’s skin condition is actually really different.

Trust me, even if your face will be the victim for your journey to find the right skin care for your face, it will be worth it. First, you will learn about your own skin condition, and you’ll realise that there’s so much more than the usual type of skin condition (the oily, combination, and dry skin one). Even your mother’s skin condition could be different than yours, and they should be treated differently. Second, even without dermatologist, you will realise that maybe, some products didn’t work out for you because of a certain ingredients that hurt your sensitive skin. And you will definitely put more research towards your new purchases and new raved products before you considering to buy it.

Yes, experimenting with skin care is hella expensive; and there’s no guarantee that it would make your face flawless in seconds (it might be broke you out), but you will be over the moon once you find the right one!


As for my case, I tried quite a lot of products through out the year of 2014, but sadly my face is not as “badak”*  as I thought. You guess it right, not all of them work for me. As a such newbie in skin care world, if I usually only put moisturiser (and very rarely sunblock and night cream) for years, I bombarded with a lot of products and device that I buy blindly based on the good reviews, and I thought would be worked for my skin.

And it get worsen when I went to Germany to visit my brother, and the weather and water condition is soooooooo harsh on my skin, and even made my face peeled off by itself. Not to mention the stress that I had at that time.

At that time I realized three things:

  1. I over-exfoliated my skin.
  2. I’m allergic to tea tree oil
  3. My face was super dehydrated

After trying several products, I finally, finally! found several products that finally worked for my skin condition. Please do wait for my skin care routine, I will update it asap! xoxo.



*kulit badak = Indonesian words of skin that react well to all of beauty and skin care products.

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