2014 Favourite Beauty Products

I know, it’s already the third month of 2015 but oh well, I just want to review a few of my favourite beauty products from 2014! And fyi, maybe it’s just the first part 😛 😛 😛


1. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

This line probably the most wanted beauty item in my country since a few of Indonesian beauty gurus been raving about them, lololol. I also watch and read international review about them, and they love it more than Lime Crime Velvetines; price and texture wise. It’s been quite a hunt for myself too, to get them, online and offline, and sadly around October or November, I think, Sephora Indonesia and Watsons only had the red shades, which, I don’t really prefer when it comes to lippen, and finally after been searching here and there I got Olé Flamingo, Pink Pong, and Nude-ist.

Aaaand, I love, love, love them! It’s not drying, highly pigmented, the staying power is good, and it’s so easy to reapply them. I just wish that they create more interesting colors, and even their nude colors is more pink than nude. But alas, Nude-ist became my go-to daily lipsticks since then because I never really like “true nude” in my lips, they made me look pale and sick. So, all in all, I give this line 4.5/5! 🙂


2. Too Faced’s Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

When I first saw this line on July 2014, I thought OHMYGOD THE PACKAGING IS SOOOOO CUTEEEEEE! And, no, I don’t buy them at a first glance since I thought they are way to pricey at that time, lololol. And I instantly regret because in the end I bought them anyway, in much higher price than Sephora ION, oh well….

I’m in love with this products from the first swipe! I initially bought the Violet since the other shades are out of stock on Sephora Indonesia, at first I thought I will only wear it only for fun photoshoot since it’s like, the color that Nicki Minaj will wear, but when I try, the color is soooooo cute! My friends even starts to buy Violet when they saw I wore it lololol. And since then I buy the other colors, especially when I saw the Christmas Package, I’m not even thinking twice to buy them since I want to try them all hahaha. But, personally, I don’t like the travel size applicator, I don’t know if its just me, but I feel like they are more trickier to apply, and not as precise as the full size.


3. Koji’s Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black

It might be not look fancy, maybe the packaging is not so classy, but trust me, this liquid eyeliner is too die for! It last  f o r e v e r, stay from morning until night, and won’t make your eyes looks like panda in the end of the night. A lot my friends been asking me what eyeliner I’ve been using since it never budge, loll. As a person who wear eyeliner in a daily basis (I more like, need them, because I will look sleepy and tired without my signature winged eyeliner), this was by far, the best eyeliner I’ve ever had! Price wise, maybe it will get more expensive if you buy it here in Indonesia; so, if you have a chance to go to Japan, stock them just like what I do! 😛

If you already used to the usual liquid eyeliner wear this eyeliner is as easy as one two three because they have pen-like brush, so I’m pretty sure even beginner will use them easily!  I will give them 4.9/5 because I just wish that they will make a classier packaging! :’D :’D

7 thoughts on “2014 Favourite Beauty Products

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