Major throwback

Actually I’m still confused where will be this blog heading to, which topic will be the best to be discussed in my next post, but I just decided to let it be. If I continue to overthink, I absolutely know that there will be no update at all in this blog :lol:.

So! Lately I’ve been envying my-smartass-friend-that-turned-to-be-travel-writer-blog, Eky, that finally — finally! — had his Europe trip slash his Old Seven Wonders List trip which you can read here if you are Indonesian. As a devoted reader of his blog, I have to say that I’m proud of his achievement so far, even if I ended up envying him over and over again :cry:. Well, regardless all of the drama that happened three years ago, I should say that I miss to visit Europe again. And! I hope that I can comeback and explore other countries in that continent soon, Amen to that. O:)











One thought on “Major throwback

  1. Aaawww terimakasih Mandaa!
    Semoga bisa ke Eropa lagi secepatnya, kalo bisa tinggal lamaan disana aamiin *walaupun dicekokin jadi pedagang* hahahaha.

    Ngomong-ngomong cedih wa liat Trevinya caem, gue kesana lagi operasi doi jadi kering kerontang dan tiang semua 😥


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